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Garret Hobart

Birthday :

June 3, 1844

Died On :

November 21, 1899

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Birth Place :

Long Branch, New Jersey, United States of America

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Garret  Hobart was an American lawyer, politician and the vice president of the United States of America from 1897 to1899. Born on June 3, 1844, Garret  Hobart served under President William McKinley but died in office making his the sixth American vice-president to die in office. Garret  Hobart started his political career in the local government sector before running for office at the New Jersey General Assembly and a New Jersey Senate. Garret  Hobart served as Speaker during his tenure in the New Jersey General Assembly and then the president of the New Jersey Senate. As a vice-president, Garret  Hobart became a close confidant of President McKinley and was a popular figure in Washington.

Early Life

Garret  Hobart was born on June 3, 1844, in Long Branch, New Jersey to Addison Willard Hobart and Sophia Vanderveer. He was the second child of three boys. Garret  Hobart started his education at his father’s school in Long Branch. The family later moved to Marlboro, where he continued his education at a school there. Garret  Hobart was a very brilliant student, so his father upon noticing this sent him to a school in Freehold.

Garret  Hobart was later moved to a boarding school in Matawan where Garret  Hobart graduated in 1859 at age 15. Since Garret  Hobart was too young to go to college, Garret  Hobart had to spend another year home. He kept on studying, worked on part-time basis and also served as a teacher in the Bradvelt School. After the year, he enrolled in Rutgers College and graduated in 1863. Garret  Hobart then under Theodore Frelinghuysen and was awarded a diploma.




(Lawyer And Politician)

To be able to repay the loans of his education, Garret  Hobart briefly worked as a teacher upon his graduation from Rutgers College. Lawyer Socrates Tuttle, who was his childhood friend then offered him the opportunity to study law in his office. During this time, Garret  Hobart also worked as a bank clerk to support his law study at Paterson. Starting as a clerk, he rose to become the director of the bank. 

He also completed his law studies and was admitted to the bar as an attorney in 1866. In 1871, Garret  Hobart was appointed a counselor-at-law and a year later became a master of chancery. Hobart who was a strong member of the Democrats during his early years shifted to the Republicans prior to his marriage to Jennie Tuttle Hobart, daughter of Socrates Turtle. The family was strong Republicans, hence influenced Hobart’spolitical change.

Garret  Hobart contested as a candidate of the Republican for the New Jersey General Assembly for Passaic County’s third legislative district in 1872. Garret  Hobart won handsomely with almost two-thirds of the total votes. He was re-elected for a second term the following year and voted Speaker of the Assembly in 1874 at age 30. Since it was a convention to step down after serving two terms of office, he had to step down even though he could have sought re-election. Soon afterward, he threw his support for the Republican nominee for the seat, which he won.

Garret  Hobart gained the node to contest on the ticket of the Republican for the New Jersey Senate seat for Passaic County in 1876 and won the seat. Three years on, he was re-elected to serve until 1882. Garret  Hobart became the first man to lead both houses of the legislature after he was appointed the President of the Senate from 1881 to 1882. During this time, Garret  Hobart gained a lifetime delegation to every Republican National Convention. From1880 to 1891 he served as a member of the New Jersey Republican Committee affairs.

Garret  Hobart also served as the New Jersey’s representative at the Republican National Committee affair from 1884 and rose to become the chairman. Even though he served in public offices, Garret  Hobart continued his law practice which was at the time very profitable. His appearances at the court were minimal, but the effectiveness of his practice and investment in other ventures made him very wealthy. Garret  Hobart was a court-appointed receiver of bankrupt railroads and also served as president of the Paterson Railway Company.


Vice President

The Republican settled on Garret  Hobart as the vice presidential nominee for McKinley for the 1896 election. He contributed immensely to the campaign process leading to their victory. He was inaugurated in the Senate Chamber on March 4, 1897. Garret  Hobart and McKinley had a very cordial relationship, and this made the vice presidential office, which was formerly a low-level political office gained considerable status during the tenure of Hobart. Garret  Hobart served as a close advisor to the president and his cabinet. Garret  Hobart also served as an advisor to the president and with his experience as an officer in the New Jersey Legislature ruled on disputes even though the vice president at the time was not allowed to take such decision.


Personal Life

Garret  Hobart was married to Jennie Tuttle Hobart on July 21, 1869. Jennie was the daughter of Socrates Tuttle under whom he studied law. The couple had four children, but two of them died in infancy. The surviving ones were Fannie, and Garret  Hobart was diagnosed with a serious health disease in late 1898, which required much rest to improve the situation. His health condition was hidden from the public at the initial stage, but ultimately the press had the information, and it spread across the country.

Garret  Hobart still served at a point had to relay information to the Secretary of War, Russell Alger that the president, McKinley, wants him to resign. Hobart’s health kept on deteriorating and became bedridden. He died on November 21, 1899, at age 55.

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