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David Lopez

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May 24, 1987

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California, United States of America

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David Lopez is a prominent vine celebrity, with over seven million fans. David is unbelievably famous in a vine and social media. Renowned for his creativity mockeries and humour, he has produced a character that bears a resemblance to Juan designed for his records on the vine. His shows slots in elements of jokes and situational amusements. He transfigures and modifies his appearance and clothes the characters he forms for his videos. Furthermore, he mimics some famous superheroes. Equally important, he combines a strong sense of cultural identity and spiritual beliefs in his programs.

Early life 

David Lopez was born in California, the United States of America on May 24, 1987. Both his parents are Americans. He grew up in California and from an early age. Lopez always wanted to pursue a career in acting and entertainment and began his career in 2013.

David Lopez is a model and an actor at the same time. He works with companies such as Virgin Mobile and Axe. This prompted him to incorporate martial arts into his videos. Moreover, he also entertains on ‘Telenovela’. Most of his videos are storyline based on specific topics.

Also, he is very proficient in captivating and informative videos. He appears in various costumes and styles. He has worked together with famous vine celebrities like Cody Johns and Martin Josh. Most of his videos are based on a specific theme or storyline. This could relate to superheroes, various motifs or current issues. 



David Lopez started off as a vlogger on YouTube. He currently has over 400,000 subscribers on his channel. On February 4, 2014, Lopez uploaded his very first vine video; this was a breakthrough in the entertainment industry. The video earned him immense popularity. He then went on to post more videos including, 'Get the door bro! ', 'Can I have a cookie bro? 'and 'You won't like me when I'm angry! '.

David Lopez is known for his humour and energy. Frequently, he appears in countless wears and combines gentle ridicule of popular beliefs into his comedy shows. Lopez is also with a capacity to symbolise different people in his movies. For instance, he created a character of Juan which was widely acclaimed.

He also works with other celebrities like Lele Pons, Curtis Lepore and Brandon Calville in some of his videos. Some of his materials have themes based on love, science, or fictions. His topics vary, and he has generated most of his work differently.

Also, David Lopez has excellent skills in his comedic career and uses his exaggerated feedbacks along with mannerisms to put any desired ideas across. His videos have accepted storylines and time and again come together in a series. He is also very active on twitter keeping up with his many fans and supporters.


Major works

In 2015, David Lopez made a compilation of his vines including 'Explosions in the sky,' 'Dora the Explorer,' 'Premium trax,' 'We Are Toonz,' 'Raww,' 'Bands Machos' among other significantly known vines. His fans well received this compilation. In the same year, he was ranked number 4 by AOL Entertainment for the most entertaining Latino stars on the vine. In 2016, he was ranked number 11 out of 30 most popular time stars in the world by the Business Insider. 

David Lopez has currently been nominated for the Best Vines Ever Awards in the Best Comedy Vines category which is set to be on May 17, 2017.


Family and Personal life

David Lopez is married to Lopez Tea. Their son`s name is Knightley Asher Lopez. He is so close to his family that he even features them in the videos he shares on social media. His domestic life and affairs are a part of his social media existence. Besides acting, Lopez loves music and often uploads music videos on social media. His lyrics are motivational with a strong religious sense and positive outlook. Lopez is warm-hearted, and his honesty is shown throughout his relationship with his fans. 



David Lopez posted his first Vine on 2013 February 4th. All of his early videos have the term ‘bro’ in their theme, like; ‘Bro, can I have a cookie?', 'You won`t like me when I`m angry bro!' and ‘Grasp that door bro.’ Lopez is known for his great sense of parody and humour; he also references current issues and a couple of celebrities. Most of his performances feature elements of situational and slapstick comedy. 

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