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Christopher Meloni

Birthday :

April 2, 1961

Birth Place :

Washington DC, Washington, United States of America

Zodiac Sign :


Chinese Zodiac :


Birth Element :


It can’t be an undoubted statement when I say that you might probably have a look-alike somewhere. The ideal truth is that it can be found in as us normal people and celebrities. I love writing about different star’s bios, but at times I get mixed up. Trust me; there are more than one confused individuals out there. For your relaxation of mind, I am talking about Christopher Meloni a Washington DC Native and not Elias Koteas who is also a renowned actor. I hope you got that right? He always has and will forever be praised for his comedic roles. His portfolio defines him as a handy actor.

Early And Childhood Life

On 2nd April 1961, Christopher Peter Meloni was born in DC, United States Washington. He is a US citizen who graduated from the University of Colorado in 1983. He then moved to Colorado in search of greener pasture to study at the Neighborhood Playhouse Theatre without success.


Rise To Stardom

Christopher Meloni was a former quarterback in his High school days. Afterward, he worked as a bouncer and construction worker before engaging in acting. Meloni later joined decent like film plays as well as short TV series before his biggest contract. He once acted as a bisexual murderer and a psychic in Oz. His enthusiastic nature and hard scenes made him an audience favorite.

Meloni then began to play the NBC’s Law & Order films such as the Special Victims Unit. Meloni, who is now married with two children, perfectly understands family norm. Probably that’s why he was chosen to play Nights in Rodan the movie in 2008. Christopher has also played popular films such as Loathing in Las Vegas, Man of Steel and Bound.


Major Work And Career

In 1990, Christopher Meloni began his acting career by playing The Fanelli Boys on NBC. His television appearance came when he was seen on the NYPD Blue in 1993. All loved his undying list of supporting films. This included; 12 Monkeys in 1995 bound in 1996 and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas in 1998.

In 1999, he took the role of Julia Robert’s in the Runaway Bride. The Oz experience made Meloni star in the PBS Shift in 2001. It is also evidenced that Christopher played several roles in between such as Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle and the True Blood series.


Philanthropic Work

Christopher Meloni continually works with Mariska Hargitay foundation that prohibits domestic violence. He also supports Human Rights Campaign, Joyful Heart Foundation, Smile Train and much more. In 2006, Meloni received The Human Rights Campaign Award for his effortless determination toward several causes.


Personal Life      

Christopher Meloni is currently married to Doris Sherman Williams, a production designer. The couple was blessed with two children, Dante and Sophia. Above all, Christopher once wore a fake tattoo on his left arm. In reality, he has a kind of Christ crusification sign tattoo and Chinese scientific art of his family.

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