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Scorpio Aquarius Love Compatibility

Scorpio Aquarius Love Compatibility

How good or bad is the love compatibility between a Scorpio and Aquarius emotionally, mentally, and sexually? Read on…

Like Felix and Oscar, the Scorpio Aquarius soulmates are an odd couple! From the outset, these two star signs are very different but they can temper each other’s personality flaws. While Aquarius is fun-loving and innovative, he or she is also untidy, disorganized, and impractical. While Scorpio is in control and driven; he or she is very introverted and has trouble communicating.


In the Scorpio Aquarius relationship, if they can work out their difficult patches, the Aquarian has the capacity to teach the Scorpion how to come out of his or her shell and live a little. Likewise, the Scorpio can teach the Water Bearer that, to continue dreaming and innovating, he or she needs to be mindful.

These are two different people with two different philosophies on life and, if managed well, can help each to grow. But, if it’s not managed well, the Scorpio Aquarius breakup could end disastrously!


Scorpio And Aquarius Love Compatibility – Positive

The Scorpio and Pisces compatibility is an odd one. Introverted and emotionally driven Scorpio and head-in-the-clouds Aquarius seem an unlikely romantic link. However, these two zodiac signs do have qualities that complement each other and that the other needs. These complimentary qualities could be the key to the success of the Scorpio and Aquarius marriage if both can recognize it.


Someone has got to remember to make doctor’s appointments, care for the home, and protect your interests. Let’s face it Aquarius, you are not that person. You’re too busy coming up with innovative ideas to be bothered with these trivial tasks. But what happens when you get sick or, even worse, someone tries to steal one of your innovative ideas?

This is why you need your Scorpio lover because this is what Scorpio was born to do. They will protect you fiercely, whether it’s your health or your innovative ideas. Scorpio will be the one to call the patent lawyer… or your Scorpio might be a patent lawyer! Ruled by Mars and Pluto, Scorpio is a resilient fighter and you’ll be glad he or she is in your court, sometimes quite literally.


As important as it is to defend one’s place and one’s lover, there is a time and a place for it and the Scorpio personality often doesn’t know when to let go. Scorpio is represented by the scorpion and they have a stinger! They can do some considerable damage, but the worst damage they do is to themselves. This is why you need your Aquarius lover. They know just the right ways to help you unwind.


One of the ways to relax for the Scorpio and Aquarius is to unwind in the bedroom. Here’s where these two complement each other! Aquarians tend to have very creative ideas about lovemaking, but they’re very disconnected from their bodies. Scorpio is an intense lover who is very physical, but avant-garde enough to carry out some of their partner’s stranger requests. The result? Some steamy, mind-blowing nights of inventive and intense lovemaking and sexual passion! Read more about the Scorpio sexual traits.

So Aquarius, if you recognize that someone needs to protect you and care for your needs, choose a Scorpio partner! And Scorpio, if you realize that you need to let go of your aggressive and obsessive edge; but you don’t know where to start? Choose an Aquarius partner say the horoscope compatibility predictions!

Scorpio Aquarius Compatibility – Negative

The negative aspects of Scorpio and Aquarius love compatibility stem from the fact that these two-star signs have very different values and rules for living their lives. Unless these two are highly evolved, this is very true for this Scorpio Aquarius friendship.

Aquarius is a brilliant thinker who innovates new ideas and concepts but is not very rooted in the real world. Scorpio are very attached, but unlike earth signs who are often attached to things, they are attached to people, sometimes in a possessive and suffocating way, and also very, very jealous.


Here’s a cardinal problem with the Scorpio Aquarius love compatibility. Aquarius is the sign of friends and they need time with his or her friends. They also like to talk to strangers in a way that might be troubling to their jealous lover. As I mentioned Scorpio is a jealous sun sign. They go mad with jealousy, so much so, that they’ll poise their stinger, without thinking that they may hurt the one they love. But Scorpio won’t stop there.

They will wage a path of destruction until their lover is ruined, at least in their eyes. This is bad news for the Aquarius man or Aquarius woman, who is constantly flitting from friend to friend. Even if it is not true, jealous Scorpio will perceive this as cheating.


But, Scorpio isn’t half wrong here; there is also the troubling issue of Aquarius’ faithfulness, or lack thereof. As I mentioned, Aquarius is the sign of friends and expansion, so their concept of being faithful to their partner is very different than possessive Scorpio’s concept of faithfulness. They believe that it’s okay to have outside relationships as long as they return to their lover.

Because the Aquarius man or Aquarius woman is so disconnected from their body, they truly believe that affairs mean nothing. They’re simply distracted by bright people and follow through with their impulses. Have you ever gotten a scorpion angry? It’s not a pretty sight, and I pity the person at the other end of Scorpio’s stinger! When it comes to perceiving unfaithfulness, they are vengeful. When it comes to actual, founded unfaithfulness, Scorpio is downright scary!

However Scorpio, you’re not entirely innocent in this. Although cheating is not an appropriate retaliation or reaction, sometimes your clinginess is just too much for the free-spirited Aquarius. When the Aquarius born feels smothered, he or she runs and usually towards something (or someone) stimulating and fun.


They are already constantly distracted by the next “shiniest” person he or she meet, and Scorpio’s clinginess just pushes them further away towards that person. So, Scorpio, trust and let go for both of your sakes!

So, in this Scorpio Aquarius marriage, the water bearer has to be mindful of all that the Scorpio does and reward him or her by trying to abide by his or her idea of faithfulness. You’ll thank me for it, Aquarius! Scorpio, remember that friendliness is not necessarily cheating; let your Aquarian have some fun and some space.

The paradox is, if you let Aquarius have his or her “friend time”, he or she won’t feel smothered and are thus more likely to remain faithful. Regardless, Aquarius, make sure that fun is rated “G”, unless you’re with your Scorpio lover. Otherwise, watch out for Scorpio’s vengeful streak—you might find yourself tied to duct taped to a chair, or worse.

Scorpio And Aquarius Compatibility – Conclusion

The Scorpio and Aquarius in love are an odd couple, but if managed correctly they can complement each other’s needs. But if Aquarius can appreciate the Scorpio by recognizing how he or she protects and cares for them, they will have a faithful, devoted, and loyal partner.

Scorpio, if you can recognize that you must let Aquarius have his or her time away, and for goodness sake trust your partner until he or she gives you a reason otherwise! If both star signs can achieve this very evolved level of compromise, nothing is stopping you from having a beautiful and fulfilling Scorpio Aquarius compatibility.

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