Kangaroo Animal Totem Symbolism & Meanings

Kangaroo Animal Totem Symbolism

The kangaroo is a strange little creature. It looks something like a very large rabbit that stands upright. These creatures are only found on the island continent of Australia, and of course in zoos around the world. Because of this, it would make sense that the symbolism for the animal comes mainly from Australian astrology.

This kangaroo’s symbolism comes mostly from the creature actions and appearance. But certain Australian legends and myths also help to contribute to this strange animal symbolism. The kangaroo even has symbolism in dreams! Keep reading to find out more about kangaroo animal totems!

Kangaroo Associated Traits

Toughness, Active, Moving, Strong, Fast, Stamina, Energetic, Adaptable, Quick, Kind, Maternal


Symbolic Meaning Of Kangaroo

The adult kangaroo is a tough animal. If it were a person it might be a boxer or other professional athlete. These animals are anything but lazy and dull. They seem to be always moving, unless they’re napping of course. This quality of movement is one of the things that can help to define this animal’s symbolism. There is no doubt that this creature gets its workout for the day.

The kangaroo is an incredibly strong and fast animal. It can easily hop around faster than the average human can run. Because of this animal’s natural strength, it is an obvious symbol for strength. Because of it’s speed it also makes a great symbol for stamina. This creature always seems to have the energy to get things done.

It’s this animal’s energetic way of life that would tire out most humans. This can be a great motivators for humans as well. It almost seems like a joke that a kangaroo could have more energy and stamina than a person, and this could very well help to motivate a person to work harder so that they can be more like the mighty kangaroo.

Australian Astrology Sign

Date of Birth:

The kangaroo animal totem isn’t an animal that is fearful of the rest of the world. The kangaroo spirit guide has little to no natural predators because of it’s size and speed. Therefore, this animal has little to be afraid of anything. To say the least, the kangaroo wouldn’t back down from a fight, and it wouldn’t be unlikely if the animal were to start one either. Of course, if the animal needed to, it could easily run, or in this case hop, away from a fight as well. This helps to reinforce the animal’s symbolism for speed and strength.

It also adds a new symbol to the mix though. The kangaroo animal spirit does a great job at symbolizing the fight or flight instinct that humans have. It also shows the nature of life, death, adaptability, survival, and quick-thinking. These are all traits that we humans have, and because of that it is easy to see ourselves in the wild kangaroo.

The kangaroo spiritual totem does have a softer side to it as well. While the adult kangaroo may seem tough and wild, it’s baby, the joey, is much more vulnerable. The joey cannot do much on its own and therefore relies on its parents for everything, much like human babies. The kangaroo carries around the joey in a pouch near it’s stomach.

Legend says that the kangaroo was blessed with a pouch to take care of its baby when it proved to be the most kind-hearted animal on the continent. The kangaroo then went around the gave other animals pouches as well so they could protect their children. Because of the kangaroos parental duties it undertakes, it is a great symbol for family, nurturing, and protection.

It is said that if you dream of a kangaroo then it refers to the maternal instincts of the kangaroo if you have children. If you do not, then it could symbolize your inner anger or indecisiveness. Whichever one matches your personality better would be the thing that you would have to change to stop having dreams with kangaroo meanings in them.

As you can see, many of the dream symbolism with kangaroo symbols matches well with the other meanings of the animal. Just as well, the kangaroo’s traits matches along well with that of the traits that humans have. Since we can see so much of ourselves in these animals, we can also learn from their symbolism.

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