Dog And Dragon Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Introduction: Chinese Dog & Dragon Zodiac Signs

The Chinese zodiac compatibility between the dog and dragon signs is going to be tough. They have problems understanding each other.

Can the Dog and dragon soulmates figure out a way to come to a compromise? Will they be able to figure out a way to understand each other well enough to be happy? Can these two find a way to stay in a long lasting relationship?

The dog is very accommodating. They will typically get along with just about anyone. The dragon will tend to be fiery and feel and display emotions as soon as they feel them.

The two Chinese zodiac signs of the dog and dragon have such different natures that when they are in a relationship, they might just spend the whole time having one disagreement after another.

The two Chinese zodiac signs of the dog and dragon have different natures.

Dog Dragon Love Compatibility

In a dog and dragon relationship, both will have to work really hard to see where the other is coming from. Both these Chinese astrology signs tend to be very opposite, which might mean these two will fight quite a bit with no love compatibility.

When the dog is dating the dragon, they might be attracted to each other passionately, at least in the beginning. Their differences will come into play at some point though and will most likely cause some problems between the dog dragon friendship.

The dog man or woman can find their partner’s bluntness disconcerting. They are the kinds who speak freely but they are more interested in trying to keep things peaceful. They are attuned to emotions being out of balance. Because of this they will spend some time alone trying to keep their emotional state in check.

The dragon man or woman could get tired of the dog’s mood swings. They value their freedom. They might think the male or female dog is trying to use their emotions to manipulate. This is not what the dog is doing. Rather they will be somewhat temperamental and will have issues when it comes to trusting others easily. They will require devotion and understanding.

In bed, the dog and the dragon might share a passionate sexual connection. Besides this though they both might argue quite a bit. These two animal signs are not passive, but rather tend to be straightforward in somewhat different ways.

Both these Chinese horoscope signs tend to be somewhat arrogant. Neither will want to bow to each other. These two might wish to understand better and maybe even pick up the attributes of the other one. They might not be able to figure out how to do this if this is what they want.

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In a dog-dragon marriage, these two will have to do some work and make some allowances for each other in order to have a successful relationship. The dog and dragon in love could form the epitome of the love-hate relationship. Both have controlling aspects to their natures.

The dog will be gracious and will try to lead by bringing others around them together. They will not appreciate their partner’s controlling techniques. They might even come to dislike the dragon for employing them. The fiery dragon will lead by being more domineering.

If these methods are used on the dog, they will likely have their feelings hurt. They could then turn defensive and want to attack the male or female dragon. The Dog and Dragon will find it incredibly difficult to compromise and therefore will find their relationship breaking up.

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