Good Luck Symbols For Business

What Are Good Luck Symbols?

Good luck symbols needn’t come in the form of superstitious design that triggers some fortunate response. When we look at them from a more realistic viewpoint, we can see that all good luck charms are merely a subtle and plausible way of taking our attention from a distracted and cluttered standpoint and refocusing it on the things that will bring us success.

Basically, any and all symbolism for guidance for good luck serve to remind us that we must keep our eyes on the prize, maximizing the efficiency of our mindsets in order to move forward and progress.

With that being said, there are still certain symbols that have been commonly used in attempt to facilitate success in business and have been for quite a long time. The most obvious choice for success in business and financial endeavors comes in quite a literal form: coins. Throughout history, merchants have utilized the Law of Attraction: the concept that merely visualizing will create. In a certain sense, this is true.

Coins As Symbols Of Fortune

If wealth and abundance is what you are pursuing, focusing on a blatant money symbol of the coin might be just what you need to retain or regain your focus. Plant the image of a coin deep into your brain and invoke it for the purpose of blocking out distractions.

Allow your mind to function efficiently on the tasks that you need to perform in order to achieve your goals. If this is challenging or not enough for you, place a coin in your pocket or an image of one on your desk for a physical reminder.

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However, it should be remembered that coins as tokens of good luck also exist in non-business related pop culture. Coins, attached to special wishes, are thrown into fountains around the world on a daily basis.


Cornucopia Symbolism For Good Luck

Another common symbol of wealth and plenty shows itself in the form of the cornucopia. As a vessel for the Thanksgiving feast, it should come as no surprise that this basket was designed to symbolize an infinite supply and abundance. An abundance of what? That is up to you to decide. There isn’t a strictly enforced interpretation of the cornucopia, but it is generally accepted as the symbol of endless plenty. (Read about Goddess Fortuna)


The Runic Feoh Good Luck Meaning

In old Germanic culture, the Feoh (or letter F) was of crucial importance in the area of luck and plenty. To them, this symbol represented honest, hard work and equally-characterized gains. This symbol speaks to those who are building their own business and/or who wish to be recognized for their hard, honest work. For those who wish to work in business industries with pride and integrity, the Feoh is the perfect mark.

The letter “F” can also be be paired with a stone that has frequented businesses throughout time. Malachite stone is believed to have a plethora of powers, including the ability to use magnetism to pull customers into the store. Additionally, this is yet another green color symbol that provokes a business mentality.

Plants Bring Abundance

Now we can move on to a plant that frequents the offices of many business men and women, alike: the jade. In ancient (and present, actually) Chinese lore, jade is accepted as a symbol of good luck.

The jade stone and plant are recognized as representatives of great wealth, fortune, prosperity, and increased status.

jade plant

However, the placement of the jade plant is also crucial to its effectiveness, at least in the eyes of the office Feng Shui experts. They are thought to be most influential near either entrances or the southeastern area of one’s place of business. Here, they active financially driven energies that ensure success in business. It’s no wonder that plants are believed to trigger lucrative thinking and opportunity-chasing drive: they are green, like money!

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