Dog And Monkey Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Introduction: Chinese Dog & Monkey Zodiac Signs

The Dog and Monkey compatibility is fiery but can sustain if both of them are ready to understand each other.

The Dog possesses a firm code of behavior against which it measures everyone. As long as the people around them conform to their ethics, everything will run smoothly. Then they will be a loyal and faithful companion. This Chinese astrology sign is not well known for idle chit-chat. Most conversations will be straightforward and to the point.

This firm code can cause the Dog man or woman to become stubborn, unbending, and reflexively dogmatic in situations where their views are challenged. They tend to suffer from an irrational fear that no one else is trustworthy, because no one else is capable of living up to their standards.

The Dog and Monkey compatibility is fiery but can sustain if both of them are ready to understand each other.

They also have a penchant for determining who is at a disadvantage in any situation and stepping up to champion any and all weak and oppressed parties… whether they want that help or not.

The Chinese zodiac sign Monkey is a high energy social butterfly who is constantly in motion from one group of friends to another and one adventure to the next. They tend toward showmanship and love to dazzle an audience. The downside to this is that the Monkey man or woman is willing to do just about anything for the sake of entertainment.

They have absolutely no idea what the word ‘moderation’ means, which leads them into trouble time and again. Perhaps this is part of the reason they constantly move from one group to the next.

Dog Monkey Love Compatibility

There is an exceptional level of volatility in the Dog and Monkey relationship. The Dog’s belief that others are incapable of being trusted is more than likely to work overtime when in the vicinity of the social butterfly that is the Monkey. That, combined with their exceptionally high standards of behavior, will tend toward them to view the party animal Monkey as one of the lowest possible forms of life.

The Monkey will reciprocate, feeling that the Dog is stubborn, stuffy, dogmatic, and, in general, a party-pooper. For those trying to make this work, all is not lost. The love compatibility between the Dog and Monkey can work out with a little bit of effort.

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According to Chinese horoscope compatibility, the Dog and Monkey soulmates are incredibly high in energy and can learn quite a lot from one another. The male or female Dog must learn that it is not the moral pinnacle of the universe. The Monkey must learn that it is not the center of creation. If the Dog learns to lighten up a bit and the male or female Monkey learns a bit of moderation, these two can get up to some quite famous adventures.

Sex is not a good idea for the Dog Monkey compatibility, except in certain circumstances. The most likely scenario is that the Dog will become enamored of the Monkey on first meeting and start dating him or her. But if the Dog and Monkey get into bed, this is likely to lead to an empty bed the next morning and no return phone call. This is probably for the best as they might not be sexually compatible and will eventually breakup.

If the Dog and Monkey in love manage to hammer out their differences into a sort of working relationship, it is possible for sex to happen and not screw everything up. The real challenge lies in the Dog’s emotional volatility and the Monkey’s inability to take much of anything seriously to make this marriage work.

Despite the many issues in a Dog and Monkey friendship, a business partnership does give them a chance to truly show what they’re capable of. The Dog needs to be kept busy and will likely handle most of the actual labor in this pairing.

The Monkey naturally builds vast networks of contacts and their restless nature can be harnessed when the need for travel arises. They will probably leave a few feathers ruffled from time to time, but this is not generally a major problem. The Dog is a natural diplomat and should have little difficulty smoothing things over with offended parties.

Dog & Monkey Chinese Horoscope Compatibility Rated 4 Hearts!

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