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Horse And Rabbit Chinese Zodiac Compatibility

Introduction: Chinese Horse & Rabbit Zodiac Signs

Can the horse and rabbit compatibility work? Can a horse deny their independence and commit to giving a rabbit what they so desperately need? Can rabbits learn to be their own support system and recognize the need for the horse to be independent? Can the two come to an understanding that enables them to be the best they can with each other and provide the other with what they need all around?

The Chinese Horse zodiac sign people have a tendency for changing their mind quite suddenly. This tends to alienate relationships of all kinds, whether friendly or romantic. Their astute, sharp, seductive nature makes it easy to enjoy being around them. Their flighty nature means they don’t typically stick around for extended periods of time, preferring to move on to something new.

chinese horse zodiac compatibility with rabbit. A horse-rabbit compatibility suggests that they are going to have to really work at it to have a happy union.

The Chinese astrology sign rabbit tend to be quite beloved and have a large group of family and friends. They are defensive of those they love and very benevolent people. However that sentimentalism can lead to them glorifying relationships. The rabbit man or woman, who is kind and emotional, will give more than it takes in a way that is not ideal.

Rabbits need a core group of friends and family to support them. Otherwise, the first sign of conflict can make them break down completely. They are so emotional that negative emotions can lead to physical sickness. They hate conflict and work to avoid it at all costs necessary. This can also cause people to take advantage of them rather easily. Chinese astrology compatibility predicts that in the hands of the right person, this animal sign can become a very giving, affectionate, guarding mate.

Horse Rabbit Love Compatibility

A horse and rabbit compatibility suggests that they are going to have to really work at it to have a happy union. Rabbits value relationships more than horses, This means in this case the bulk of the work will be done by the male or female rabbit. They almost always put more work into their relationships than their partner does. Those born under this zodiac sign do tend to be more warmhearted and accepting. These are qualities the horses can actually work with given their own tendencies. Their sudden change in behavior and inferiority complex can be massively confusing to others.

While dating, the horse-rabbit couple might be ill-matched. They have nothing in common, no love compatibility, not even friendship thus making it more difficult. Even in bed, the rabbit will be too demure for the sexually active horse.

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To be successful in love, the horse and rabbit are going to have to develop a kind of alteration for each other’s natures. The rabbit is demure, cautious, and anxious and desperately needs support and shelter from those they love. They are susceptible to romance. They are delicate and traditional.

The self-sufficient Chinese zodiac horse finds it difficult to provide security. Their capricious and impulsive nature makes them extremely unpredictable. Yet if they can find a way to balance freedom and encourage their partner, things will work out marvelously. They will find the work they put in will profit in their lover returning the favor with kindness and devotion. They will find it easy to draw in their lover during the beginning part of a relationship. However, as always with a horse, if they suddenly lose interest and move on, trouble arises.

The horse-rabbit relationship will only work if each person can learn to adapt to the other. Both could theoretically find each other unbearable. While one prefers, the other is constantly moving about. These two might not be able to find balance just because of their divergent personalities.

The rabbit can be caring and supportive, but only when their partner re-establishes their devotion and capacity to give the family what it needs. However, the horse man or woman find this irritating, as they don’t like having the burden of caring for the family and the wishes of the family heaped on them. They will achieve much, but at the same time their partner despises feelings of ambivalence and anxiety.

Very often, Chinese zodiac compatibility predicts that the horse and rabbit marriage is found to be unhappy and troubled and won’t last long. If these two want to make it work, it is necessary for the rabbit to learn some self-sufficiency. At the same time, the horse must learn to concentrate on their connection, at least some of the time.

Additionally, a rabbit wife and horse husband have a better compatibility than the other way around. The lady is just fine with allowing the male horse to make the majority of the decisions and she can play the role of housewife to a tee. His assurance and animation will help her to release any nervousness she might be feeling. If they fight over anything, it is likely to be finances.

On the other hand, a horse wife and rabbit husband will find it much more difficult in maintaining their relationship. In this case, he will be somewhat of a homebody and the female horse will love the limelight and enjoy frequently going out. More than likely, their fights will revolve around not just money, but women’s rights, among other hot button issues. These can take their toll on the two and over time they find it more difficult to be together. Eventually these issues could break-up the horse and rabbit soulmates.

Horse & Rabbit Chinese Horoscope Compatibility Rated 1 Hearts!

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