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Music Therapy

Music Therapy

The Music Therapy Calculator is a useful tool in determining the appropriate music for you to listen to and the time of day to listen to obtain optimal health. Music can act as an excellent stress reliever which can literally start to bring down high blood pressure, and certainly can increase your enjoyment of day-to-day life.

For those who have been under extreme mental stress is it can be used to help them regain a more stable frame of mind. Get your free online Music Therapy Calculator today and learn what music is most beneficial for you!.

Despite the fact that it is been evident for many years that music has a strong effect on the mind and body it is only in recent years that it has been admitted that music can actually have a healing effect. Music therapy has only come to the fore in the last few years. The great success that has been found through music therapy is much of the reason for its acceptance and popularity.

Historically music has been used as a healing therapy for many centuries. The god Apollo was the God of both music and medicine. The Greek physicians were said to use music to heal mental issues and it was used in the Egyptian temples.

From biblical times we have records of music being used to improve mood and other concerns that involve stress. Hippocrates used music to help patients regain their health more quickly. And the Native Americans chanted many of their cures.

What we now consider to be music therapy began in the era between the wars. Particularly in Britain musicians were invited to play for soldiers who were suffering from emotionally and physically caused traumas due to war injuries.

Music therapy can be used to relieve tensions and can actually help to reduce high blood pressure. Another use is to boost communication skills; many types of music are universal in their significance.


There are many areas where music is used for specific purposes: to promote wellness, managing stress, easing pain, easing the communication of feelings, renewing memory, and to help with physical rehabilitation.

It seems wondrous that music can help in so many ways but there is strong evidence to support the use of music therapy. The requirement is simply that the appropriate type of music is listened to at the proper time of day.

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The vibrations created by the music like all vibrations from energy have an effect on both the physical body and our mental well-being. You may have particular taste in music however it is useful to know which raga is best in helping you. It is also useful to know the best time to listen to music of particular ragas.

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