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5 Symptoms Of Depression

What Causes Depression?

Depression is found to be most likely caused by a combination of factors; these factors are biological, genetic, environmental and psychological. This combination of factors determines your likelihood of having or getting depression.

Depression is a mood disorder that can happen rather suddenly, or may develop slowly over time. It depends on the person as to how they react to the depression symptoms.

Common Depression Symptoms

The most common symptoms for depression are feelings of fatigue, low quality of sleep, low appetite, feelings of being sad all the time, and generalized pain.

For some these symptoms intensify as the depression goes on longer and longer without treatment. This is why if you are experiencing these symptoms it might be time to discuss depression with your doctor.

#1. Fatigue

Fatigue is commonly associated with depression, this is not your normal didn’t get enough sleep last night fatigue. This is you feel as if you may have gotten little to no sleep in days to weeks, your sluggish and uncoordinated.

You have a hard time getting out of bed and staying awake during the day. You take naps during the day sometimes for many hours at a time.


#2. Bad Sleep

Low quality of sleep ties into fatigue in that when you do try to sleep it is not a high quality of sleep. Many people have insomnia with their depression and therefore can’t fall asleep or have trouble staying asleep the whole night. Many people have to have a prescription sleep aid in order to get the amount of rest required.


#3. Low Appetite

Low appetite is another symptom that plagues most people with their depression; this could result in not eating at all, eating very little or binging on bad foods because nothing tastes good to the person involved.

It is important to remember that a healthy diet can help stave off some of the symptoms of depression, eating more veggies than sugary treats is more beneficial to your body.

vegetable diet

#4. Feeling Sad

The generalized feeling of sadness that comes with depression can vary person to person. Some experience a feeling of being low; others have a feeling of hopelessness that they can’t seem to shake off. It is this symptom that can be the most detrimental to the subject.

Many develop suicidal thoughts or actions to accompany this trait of depression. Some things to remember are to keep up appearances even if you don’t feel like spending time with friends or family, doing so has been proven to help alleviate some depression symptoms.


#5. Feeling Pain

Pain is a moderate portion of depression as many people have complaints of headaches that can become severe and do not respond well to treatment. Cramping and digestive issues also accompany depression and have little effect with medicine aids.

These aches and pains as many refer to them may not initially get better, but with some types of treatment like yoga or meditation, these can be brought down through therapy.


Depression is a serious disease that needs to be taken seriously, if you have any or some of these symptoms it is time to think about talking with your doctor about whether or not you are depressed.

You could have a mild form of depression that if not treated right away could result in a harder to treat depression disorder.

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