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Mayan Galactic Tone 12: Laka – Understanding

Mayan Galactic Number 12

The eleventh sign of the Mayan galactic number 12 is called Understanding. It is known as the “crystal tone”. It is also the tone of cooperation and dedication.

Mayan Name: Laka

Maya Day Number: Twelve – Crystal

Alternative Galactic Tone Name: Understanding, Complex Stability

Important Keywords:

Keywords they should meditate on are change, creativity, wisdom, focus, being, love, and success.


Position In Mayan Numerology

The eleventh sign of the Mayan galactic tones is called Understanding.This galactic number is about renewal and the transformation that comes after stripping everything you know away. It symbolizes coming forth as a new being, ready to create something extraordinary.


Mayan Galactic Number 12

Positive Traits

The Mayan galactic number twelve is about new beginnings. This is about recreating themselves and changing direction. They have no problem starting their lives over and trying something different. They are the people who are constantly transforming themselves and starting new projects or careers.


In addition, they love to shed their old skin and start new. Although they are looking to become something completely different, they will use the lessons they learned before to create a new beginning. They make good counselors and psychologists because they can help others to reinvent themselves and try something different.


Mayan Day Number

This Mayan day number are talented creators and when they put their mind to completing a project they can be very successful. Once they focus their energy, they will gain all the praise and admiration they are seeking for their talents.

These people are wonderful communicators and are great at written and verbal communication. They may want to pursue careers in writing, public speaking, teaching, acting, or music. In addition, they are very optimistic, and no matter what the circumstances are they can find something positive about it.

People are magnetically drawn to the charismatic personalities of the Maya galactic tone 12. They are good listeners and are elegant, charming, and poised. Also, they are very in tune with the energy and feelings of others.

They can walk into a room and pick up on how a person is feeling. These people have the ability to make others feel comfortable because of this. Also, they have no problem attracting friends and romantic partners.

They make the most out of every day and their jovial, cheery nature lets them live in the present not worrying about the future. They won’t do well in a career that does not let them express themselves creatively.Also,  they are good at seeing the overall picture of any project.

Mayan Galactic Number 12

Negative Traits

Maya day tonDay Tone people are very talented, but they also love to brag. They love to daydream about the past and relive all of their past experiences. This can keep them stuck and stop them from moving forward.

They may have a problem with their finances because they don’t take responsibilities too seriously. Their optimistic attitude may have them being nonchalant with money, thinking that everything will turn out for the best. They are procrastinators and lack focus and direction.

When they are hurt they retreat into their own world shutting all others out. They can become moody and withdrawn. These people can lash out with their words. They intentionally hurt those who try to draw them out of their shell.

Their creativity can feel blocked when this negative energy sets in. This makes them even more depressed because they can’t seem to express their creativity the way they would like.

Mayan Galactic Number 12

Laka / Understanding Days

The energy of this Mayan day number Laka is good for focusing on your creativity and wisdom. Find out how to bring it forth to inspire others. Focus on the positive things that are happening in your life. Meditate on those things that you would like to leave behind and think about what you want to change about your life.

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