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August 22 Birthday Horoscope Personality

Birthday Meanings Of People Born On August 22nd (Zodiac Sign Leo)

IF YOUR BIRTHDATE IS AUGUST 22, then you are a Leo who is generous, loyal and will make a good and steady partner personally or professionally. You make an awesome leader. You are sometimes sensitive to others and their feelings.

You tend to throw your weight around at times. Some say it is just because you are ambitious. As the August 22nd birthdate characteristics show you could be bossy, opinionated and conceited. Oh yeah… and impatient.

What your birthday says about you is that you are likely to give a lot of thought to the past which sometimes, gives you hope for the future. It is those times that you have peace within self and you are radiant.IF YOUR BIRTHDATE IS AUGUST 22, then you are Leo who is generous, loyal and will make a good and steady partner personally or professionally. It’s when you are unpredictable that you could be at your worse or your very best predicts the 22 August birthday personality attributes. It is one of the traits that make you who you are today. You like attention.

At the same time, you are magnetic. People are drawn to you and your charming personality. The August 22 birthdate meanings show that you can be independent, down-to-earth individuals. Even so, you are open to new ideas especially those that will return a profit.

Usually a 22nd August birth date Leo will enjoy the company of a younger crowd. Your lover should be sure and confident. But it seems as though you can attract some interesting characters. There is something about the “bad boy syndrome” that is a part of your attraction. Mainly, it is because you are not afraid to do anything.

According to the 22 August birthday horoscope, friends and family of this Leo usually are devoted individuals. You do not hang around many people as you are not inclined to be sociable. You typically don’t smile at everyone you meet. Actually, you do not trust people and that can keep you at arms distance with a stranger.

With someone who has a close relationship with this zodiac birthdate person, is a friend who is valued and loved. A sure way to this lions nest is through friendship. Just getting you to be even a tad more trusting and patient could improve your love life.

The August 22 birthday personality is one who could use some guidance when it comes to careers and professions. A counselor or someone you may look up too as a mentor of sorts could give you short cuts and advice based on experience. If you could realize what your talent or your passion is, you could be on the right track.

Not only will you need advice on choosing a profitable and compatible job, you will need budgeting skills. Spending has its limits even on the credit card. The credit card should be kept for emergencies only and in the hands of a trusted friend or shredded. Keeping up with debts and credits is not your thing, honey.

Let’s talk about your health and well-being. The 22 August birthdate astrology predicts that an accident is waiting to happen. You have a tendency to suffer with back pain or problem knees. You do not have to be old to have arthritis so it is never too early to start preventive measures.

Take your calcium supplements and always use protection when walking and or jogging. When you begin to see the results of your efforts, you will smile more. Typically, this Leo birth date person believes that you need to look good to feel good.

august 22 leo birthday calendarLeos with a birth day on August 22 can be a gentle lion and even romantic when you want to be. But you can also be moody, irrational and temperamental.

One thing needs to happen for you to truly enjoy life. You need to trust more in people especially in self. Determination and self-confidence will take you further than validation from a friend will. You don‘t need the approval of anyone. Just be you!

Zodiac Astrology

Date of Birth:

This Day That Year – August 22nd In History:

1762 – Newport, RI newspaper hires first female editor, Ann Franklin
1827 – Peru has new President; Jose de La Mar
1926 – In Johannesburg, South Africa gold is found
1950 – In a national tennis match, Althea Gibson is the first Negro to enter

Famous Birthdays On 22 August:

Tori Amos, Ray Bradbury, Ty Burrell, Chiranjeevi, Valerie Harper, John Lee Hooker, Cindy Williams

August 22 Birthdate Sign: You Fall Under Zodiac Sign Leo/ Virgo Cusp

August 22 Corresponding Rashi (Vedic Moon Sign): Simha Rashi

August 22 Corresponding Chinese Zodiac Symbol: MONKEY

August 22 Birthdate Planet: Your ruling planet is Mercury that symbolizes intelligence and expression of thoughts and the Sun that stands for your creativity and determination to survive in the real world.

August 22 Birthday Symbols:
The Virgin Is The Symbol For The Virgo Sun Sign
The Lion Is The Symbol For The Leo Sun Sign

August 22 Birthday Tarot Card: Your Birth Day Tarot Card is The Fool. This card stands for a soul that is  inexperienced and thus free from fear of the unknown.

August 22 Birthday Love Compatibility:
You are most compatible with people born under Sun Sign Aries: This will be a match between equals.
You are not compatible with people born under Sun Sign Taurus: This relationship will fail to be successful due to the stubborn nature of both the sun signs.

August 22 Birthday Numerology: Your lucky numbers are:
Number 3 – This number stands for happiness, innovation, exuberance, intuition and communication.
Number 4 – This is a number that symbolizes responsibility, orderliness, tradition, wisdom and progress.

Lucky Colors For August 22 Birth Date:
Gold: This is a color that symbolizes quality, pride, prosperity, optimism and ego.
Blue: This colour symbolizes trust, faith, reliability, devotion and order.

Lucky Days For 22 August Birthday: Sunday – This day ruled by Sun and stands for your identity, lead, energy, command and confidence.

August 22 Birth Stone: Ruby gemstone is a mystical stone that can protect you from psychic attacks.

Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gifts For People Born On The 22nd Of August: A diamond tie bar for the man and a ruby brooch for the woman.


  1. I am a female Leo 8-22, and my husband is Taurus and yes we love each others to death. We been marry for almost 6 years and we have twins. Due to my husband career he travels a lot and yes it hard for us to pull apart. We love each other company and we spoil one another. I belief we do like to fight just to make up, loll.

  2. Am ajiboyesakiru, nigerian and I want to ask which food is good for leo man and which does not good for him

  3. Jeanne Mont-rose

    i am female leo born 22nd august and my partner is a female taurus born 24 april. we’ve been together for 14 years and we have a 7 yrs old boy.
    we fought a lot at first because we loved each other too much and even after fighting, we wanted to be near each other. Over the past 14 yrs we must have been apart no more than 50 days. Now, we fight very very rarely and when we do, we talk a few mins later. we apologise to each other. tauruses are stubborn but they will be less with time. leos like their freedom and cant be with 1 person only but if they find the right person to be with, they can stick with that 1 person and make it work. i, leo is very possessive and never before i have been possessive with my previous numerous partners. i love my taurus partner to death and i dont want to ever be apart.

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