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Molasses Dream Meaning

Seeing Molasses in Your Dream – Meaning, Interpretation and Symbolism

Understanding the Meaning of s Molasses Dream

Molasses in your dream means that someone will extend a helping hand, and your acceptance of the same will lead to your success. Do not shut people out of your life. Have people around you who want the best for you. Such people will never give up on you because they know your worth.


Dreaming of eating molasses is a sign that you will be disappointed in love. You keep finding people you are not compatible with. Take your time and get to know yourself better. Knowing yourself will let you know what type of person you are agreeable and compatible with.

What does it mean to dream of molasses smeared on your clothing? This dream symbolizes loss in your business. Things are not going your way. Challenges will always be present in life, but you should not let them win. You will go through a tough period, but things will eventually improve. Even your professional, platonic, and familial relationships will suffer.

The molasses dream symbol urges you to stop letting fear control your life. If you allow fear to take over, you will not achieve progress and growth. Let go of the past and find the confidence to face your fears. Also, be patient with yourself. Do not rush things. Trust the process and have faith that things will get better.


Seeing a dream of selling molasses means making a great profit in your business. You know how best to maneuver through the business world. As things work in your favor, you should be careful with your decisions and actions. Do not jeopardize your success. Always focus your attention on more things you can do that will enable you to expand your business. Good luck on your side; therefore, be careful with your decisions.

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