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Can Feng Shui Improve Intuition?

Increase Your Intuition With Feng Shui

Intuition in Feng Shui has a wide range of power, meaning that it covers all areas of life, from relationships to career paths to health and even to the infinite realm of the mind! Intuition. But the feeling that one knows something is also made apparent. You can improve your intuition through Feng Shui.

It knows something “deep down.” Everyone has a powerful sense, but some people are more in touch with their intuition than others. So many have felt that something was going to happen, and then it did! But very often, people know they’re going to be broken up with, that someone doesn’t like them, or that they’re going to lose their job.


Gut Feeling

It’s a gut feeling, and most of the time, gut feelings are spot on. So, appreciating intuition is about trusting oneself and believing that inner voice that prods us along.

Our current lives are so busy, noisy, and distracted that we often don’t even recognize when a voice inside us tells us the right thing to do. Hence, we ignore it and make choices that don’t suit us. But intuition is an important skill that shouldn’t be overlooked.

So not only is this sense stronger in some people than in others naturally, but Feng Shui can help to improve intuition and bring about a strength of mind that increases the ability of this sense.


Intuition can bring a whole new level to one’s life. For example, it can help people avoid harmful and destructive romantic relationships.


Many people know in their gut when someone is not good to spend time with, so now, with an improved connection with one’s intuition, people can avoid a lot of emotional pain and hurtful relationships.

With intuition, one doesn’t have to waste time fretting and worrying over decisions, but one can “know” what choice to make. So, they will be able to save time and money!


Since there are many different ways to cultivate intuition in one’s life, the list is not in any specific order. Try one at a time, and test to see if that inner voice doesn’t start talking.

Intuition And Feng Shui – Improve Your Life Today

#1. Please don’t overdo it

Feng Shui is about reorientation and the recreation of balance in one’s life. So, that means not too much of anything. Not too much junk food, too much partying, too many late nights, or even too much sleep! Keep things balanced to bring focus and clarity to the brain.


#2. Brighten things up

Add the color gold to the bedroom or other home areas to bring warm energy to the space. Using the color gold, helps attract success as well as inner joy and groundedness. These are essential elements for the development of intuition!

#3. Add in some wood to Improve Intuition through Feng Shui

Wood is the element of creativity that goes against the grain of logic. Intuition isn’t considered logical, so adding a little imagination and wood energy to life will increase that feeling deep down in the gut! This includes adding plants, eating plant-based foods, working on a wooden desk, etc.

#4. Wash the windows

Keeping a clear space and a clear view of the outside will, in turn, bring a clear mind. A clear sense will heighten the ability to connect with the inner voice, thus developing a trusting relationship between oneself and one’s voice.

#5. De-clutter

De-clutter the spaces, de-clutter the mind. “Cleanliness is next to godliness,” as the old saying goes. The level of organization and cleanliness in the home depends on the individual’s stress and anxiety. The cleaner, the better.

Keep this in mind when making that first attempt to delve into the world of one’s intuition. This includes the way space is oriented. Please keep it in balance when organizing.

#5. Go with the flow

One must return to the home base to reconnect with one’s inner voice. Relax and clear out all of the extra noise that’s going on. Don’t let outside influences bring the energy down or affect a decision.

Let things happen as they will, and the truth of choice will be known. Relax and go with the flow. It will get easier to recognize the fact as it goes on.

#6. Get physical

Take care of that body. Sleep a healthy amount to reenergize and reset that “third eye.” Sleep can have an enormous effect on one’s overall health and life, either good or bad! It is a fantastic thing that rebuilds our bodies and brains and prepares our energy for the day ahead.

Drink plenty of water. Flush those toxins out and stay hydrated. Eat well. Everyone knows that one. Get exercising! Getting that blood moving will relieve depression, anxiety, and stress and improve digestion, sleeping ability, and energy levels.

If something is physically out of whack or lacking, it will be nearly impossible to make a spiritual connection and trust intuition.

#7. Om! Meditate to Improve Intuition through Feng Shui

Meditating is the act of calming the mind and centering the focus so that the outside world melts away, and all that is left is ourselves and our thoughts.

It helps lower stress and anxiety, heightens mood and energy, and the ability to deal with stressful situations. Meditation helps to renew and strengthen the bond we have with ourselves and with our minds.

So try incorporating it into daily life with a morning session of 5 minutes or so. The changes and results will be tremendous!


Our intuition is like a good friend. It’s a gift given to each of us that, slowly over time, we as people have forgotten about.

Intuition and Gut Feeling

We’ve tried to drown it out with scientific facts, pros and cons lists, societal expectations, phones, music, TV shows, movies, computers, work, and everything else in our lives! We’ve lost that trusting connection with ourselves and the relationship with that voice within our minds.

We probably wouldn’t even recognize it if we heard it! But there’s a feeling we get when we know something’s right and something’s wrong, and that is the beauty of intuition. So it can guide us through life and our decision-making if only we’d let it. It’s time to get back to the basics.

Feng Shui and Understanding Life

We need to return to our true selves and begin taking the time to understand what we want in life and where we would like to head. Feng Shui is an excellent way to do that if it helps people reorganize their lives and reconnect with all life’s energy, the world around them, and themselves.

It could attract such good things in our lives if only we knew how to use it properly and effectively. And fostering intuition is no exception. Feng Shui can be used to help improve it: improve our ability to use it, improve its clarity in our minds, and improve our trust in it.

It will take work, but in the end, it could bring a more peaceful life, a life of knowing the truth and following what one knows to be correct.

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