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Gregorian birthstones chart



The notion that gems help people in certain aspects of their lives is a rather old one. Gemology is a very important part of astrology. Many people believe that if the right gems are worn at the right time then there might be positive implications on their lives. A gemstone that is symbolic of a person’s month of birth is called a birthstone. Many people could be seen wearing these stones either in rings or as pendants. The customs and traditions related to birthstones are different in the East and the West.

According to the principles of astrology, it is essential to wear the right gemstones at the right times. This is because based on the date of birth of a person; the current positions of the planets might have either a positive or a negative on the life of a person. Now gemology suggests that people should wear appropriate gems to reduce the bad effects and enhance the good influences. Each gem is linked with a different planet and thus it could control the planet’s influences. For example, Diamond and White Sapphire are the appropriate gemstones for Venus and are capable of solving problems.


A birthstone is a very important subset of gemstones. Birthstones are divided based on months and cultures. This means there are fixed birthstones for all people born in a particular month and a particular culture. For example, if a person is born in January then the birthstone would have to be Garnet for somebody born in the United States. If the same person is born in the same month in India then the birthstone would have to be a Serpent Stone.

Similarly, birthstones are also decided based on zodiac signs. There are fixed birthstones for each of the zodiac signs. For example for the people with Aquarius as their zodiac sign the birthstone is Garnet, similarly for the people with Virgo as their zodiac sign the birthstone is Carnelian.

Many people also believe in the division of birthstones based on the days of the week. For example, if a person is born on a Monday his or her birthstone ought to be Pearl and Crystal. Similarly, if a person is born on Friday his or her birthstone then becomes Emerald and Cat’s Eye.

Mantra and Birthstone

Gemstones, birthstones, and mantras have always been associated with each other. Whenever a birthstone is worn it is required of the wearer to chant a mantra.

There are many professionals for advise people on the appropriate gemstone however they might be a bit expensive.

This is why this gemology calculator is very helpful. All one needs to do is enter his or her name, place of birth, date of birth, and time of birth. After this, the tool does the necessary calculation and a detailed report appears.

The birthstone report for 2017 contains information regarding the birthstone, sun sign, moon sign, and the lucky gemstones for that person. Therefore this birthstone calculator helps in getting a clear idea about the appropriate gemstones and is thus quite helpful.

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