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archangel seraphiel

Archangel Seraphiel – The Chief Of Seraphim

Archangel Seraphiel


The name Archangel Seraphiel is said to mean “Chief of Seraphim.” This is because it is known that he takes care of the Seraphims in heaven. His presence manifests in the colors yellow, white, and gold. In terms of energy, he is very calm, but one can also sense the magnitude of power that he has. He can help us find our true spiritual path and bring us close to the divine source.


This archangel resonates with moon magic, tides, seasons, and the phases of life. Another fact about this angel is that he is ‘very fiery.’ This is because no form of impurities can withstand his flames. If you think your life is so impure, Seraphiel can help you cleanse and purify it. He can help you get rid of any harmful substances and energies that are a hindrance to your life.


In our spiritual journey, faith is very important to help us reach our destiny. Some people have little faith. If they can call on Seraphiel, he will help them strengthen their faith, and they will be able to live a good life full of peace. He will help to bring calmness to their minds, thereby driving away fears, troubles, and worries.


The Presence of Seraphiel: How does He look like?

Seraphiel is a brilliant and enormous angelic being. His height is tall and likened to the Seven Heavens. His face is like that of an angel, and his body is swift like that of an eagle. Seraphiel’s beauty can only be compared to the light or lightning of the morning star. The energy of this angel is represented by the color green.


Additionally, this archangel’s body is covered and full of attractive eyes that have shining rays of the stars. This shows that his eyes are always focused on God. On his head, he puts on a huge sapphire stone. The size of the crown of stone is so huge and likened to the size of the whole world. The height of his crown can only equate to the journey of 502 years.

The Role of Archangel Seraphiel in Religion

Music is medicine to the soul. The work of Seraphiel is to lead the Seraphim angelic choir. He takes so much care of each angel that is part of the seraphim. He is a good teacher of new songs to this angelic choir that glorifies God. Seraphiel is also the director of the Trisagion. This is a phrase that the Seraphim always chant, which says, “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord Almighty; the entire universe is filled with his glory.”

Seraphiel is one of the angelic leaders who guard the throne of God in heaven. During prayer and meditation, it is this angel that helps to reveal mysteries surrounding holiness to people. As people learn more about holiness and shed off their pride, they travel through the streets of heaven and get closer to the throne of God. As they travel this journey, it is Seraphiel together with other angels that measure their spiritual knowledge.

Seraphiel in Cleansing and Purifying Your Life

This world is full of filth, and you tend to make your hands dirty in an attempt to reach your destiny. You do illegal things, get into toxic relationships, associate with negative energies, and so much more. But this angel can help by making your impure life to be pure again. With his flame, he can help you burn all your impurities.

There are those problems that you face on a personal level like the art of telling lies, feeling neglected, feeling oppressed, the spirit of gossip, slander, or facing harassment. If you call upon archangel Seraphiel, he will help you solve these kinds of problems. He has the ability also to make you direct your energies to positive causes in society like fighting crime, poverty, and abuse.

Seraphiel Archangel of Justice

Many believers face mistreatment and experience conflicts in their relationships. Situations that are supposed to be peaceful turn out chaotic. They are unable to remain true to their convictions and even unable to fight for the rights of those who are neglected, marginalized, and oppressed.

archangel seraphiel

A call on Seraphiel will bring justice to people facing these kinds of problems. He will bring peace and fairness to our lives. This angel can also teach us how to focus our anger in a different direction away from injustice. This anger, instead of killing us inside or leading us to commit more damage, we can use it to do more productive activities like devising ways that we can gracefully fight injustice.

Archangel Seraphiel: Conclusion

We should call on Seraphiel because he is the Angel of Purification. He can burn away sin through his fire during our devotion to God. Seraphiel leads angels into constant worship to God in heaven. Archangel Seraphiel is Chief of the Seraphim, which is the highest angelic rank, and he is full of God’s holiness because he is one with God.

With this angel by our side, we can experience God’s unconditional love as we grow in His holiness. The message from Seraphiel to us is very intense as he, together with other angels, works to purify our souls. He can also inspire us so that God’s pure love can keep on burning inside our bodies.

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