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Archangel Nathaniel – The Gift Of God In Our Lives

Archangel Nathaniel


The name of Archangel Nathaniel means “Gift of God.” His presence in our lives is mainly to transform us, give us a purpose for life and manifestation. Archangel Nathaniel first made his active presence to be felt on earth in 2012. To date, he gives us a nudge, talks to us in a whisper, and makes us take a path that brings a song to our hearts.


In bringing purpose to our lives, Archangel Nathaniel uses joy, happiness, love, passion, and light. Through his work, we get to take part in a joint purpose. His works in us drive us to be good people who can offer help, take part in healing and protecting the environment together with all living organisms in it.

When it comes to helping out those in need, Archangel Nathaniel encourages us to offer a helping hand. We should not sit and enjoy all our comfort lives, whereas our brothers and sisters are languishing and lacking basic needs. It is the work of Archangel Nathaniel to oversee the love that is spread all over the universe.  He encourages us to share all the good things we have, especially during the holiday season.


Archangel Nathaniel is associated with colors red and orange. He rules over the sun and the stars. These make him a real fire angel. He has an extremely powerful energy that is rapid and passionate, working to motivate us, protect us, and purify us. When he releases his energy, it hits the deepest point in our hearts, bringing out passion and courage to leave our zones of comfort and work hard to attain purpose in our lives.


Archangel Nathaniel: Self-forgiveness and Worthiness

The dynamics of life have put a lot of people down. People cannot be able to express themselves or their potential because of low self-esteem. But people should realize that their human bodies have so much energy. All they need is the self-realization that they can create, and they are divine beings. Archangel Nathaniel can help you connect with your higher consciousness and make you start to apply your energetic qualities for you to fulfill your mission on this earth.


In living your life, you come across situations that require you to make choices. At times you make good choices, and at times, you make bad choices. That is the duality of the earthly realm. Don’t worry about this because you are just learning. Life is just a lesson. Archangel Nathaniel urges us not to suffer from all the decisions we make. Do not feel guilty because then you took the right choice, and consequences came after.

The Worth of Forgiveness

Nathaniel is telling us to forgive ourselves. God brought us to this world for a reason, and we are all His children. God sees us as worthy and full of potential. There is support for us if we take up the love and light that is there for us. Archangel Nathaniel reminds us that it does not matter who we are or where we are from, for we are good enough for the moment we are living right now.

Archangel Nathaniel tells us that we are not the same. Everyone is made with his or her own path. No one can fit in your shoes. Stop feeling not worthy in your life, and feel free to talk to God about your feelings. Angels are here to help us receive power and make use of our God-given gifts giving light and love to the world.

Nathaniel Archangel: Visualization and Joy

Nathaniel Archangel has a message to us that we should find what we enjoy doing. Ask yourself what makes you happy? Do you have qualities and strengths? If you probe yourself deeply, you can come up with your passion, the unique qualities that you have, and what you can do best. Try to visualize yourself, having achieved something, and how you will feel.

Take part in a lot of activities that make you happy. Life is not that serious as we take it. Have fun while living and venture into new things, be it school work, or you can put up a new project. Making yourself happy while doing what you love is very important.

Do not put yourself in a box. Everything has a starting point. Do not rush yourself into completing something. Putting a time frame in what you do will only hinder your creativity. You cannot predict the pace that your development will take.

Archangel Nathaniel encourages us not to try and decide to fill the blanks in the future but live each moment as it comes. Use the angelic signs in your life, and they will definitely lead you in the right direction. The world is full of joy, passion, and wisdom, and angels can help you use all these to attain life’s purpose if only you ask them.

New Ventures and Perseverance

Nathaniel tells us that while living our life’s purpose, we will not avoid coming across challenges. New beginnings bring about a lot of challenges. This is something that scares a lot of people not to push forward with what they should do. But we should take challenges only as a push to get out of our comfort zones.

We should also take new challenges as an open venture and with an open mind. It only means that you cannot put restrictions on your efforts because the future outcome is not known. This is a time when the angels come to your aide. They can help you in taking up something new and help you boost your self-esteem.

archangel nathaniel

How does Archangel Nathaniel Encourage Us?

Archangel Nathaniel is encouraging us to try different ventures by not sticking to only one thing and being comfortable with the same. Maybe that is what is failing you. Getting into new things will help you grow and learn. Take it as an experiment that you get into to enhance your creativity.

The new efforts and the challenges you face need a lot of perseverance. Archangel Nathaniel tells us that angels are working with you in your new ventures, and it does not matter how long it will take before you become successful. You just need to stay positive and exercise faith. Press on finding joy while doing new things. Be persistent, and your efforts will not go unnoticed. Trust in God for He has His angels everywhere to work with His children that are holding the faith.

Archangel Nathaniel: Conclusion 

Archangel Nathaniel promises us that if we take the gifts offered to us right in our hearts, we will be able to attain success. He is right behind you and always able to encourage and give you the motivation to press on in accomplishing the mission of your life. You only need to call on Archangel Nathaniel, and he will show up to fill you with strength and passion.

For those who are weak and fearful, Archangel Nathaniel will give you a nudge not to procrastinate and think that you are not ready. He will make you able to have focus and purpose, picking up passion and joy as you live the mission of your life. As you live and find the road a little bit bumpy, ask for power from Archangel Nathaniel. He will boost you with motivation, inspiration, and confidence.

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