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Archangel Raphael – The Angel Of Healing

Archangel Raphael


Archangel Raphael rules over the element Air. He works of the 4th ray and resonates with the color Emerald Green. He presides over the Sephira Chokmah of the Tree of Life. Raphael means ‘God Heals.’ The word Rapha in Hebrew means ‘healer.’ He is the archangel of healing. He is also known by many as ‘The Shining One who Heals.’


Raphael archangel rules over the 4th ray, which is also known as the green-ray. Green is the fourth color of the rainbow and is the color of the Heart Chakra. He works to prevent negativity in our lives. He brings healing into our lives by making us whole and sending positive energies our way. This archangel transmits the power of love to humanity. He wants us to live in love and appreciate the positive things around us.


Archangel Raphael: Insight

Raphael is popularly known as the ‘Chief of Guardian Angels.’ He is the patron of science and medicine. Many people refer to him as ‘The Archangel of Science and Knowledge’ or ‘The Archangel of Dedication.’ He is the patron saint of the blind and brings healing to all humanity. He cleanses the body and ensures that we are free of sickness. Raphael is not happy when he sees us in a bad state when it comes to our wellbeing and overall health.


Archangel Raphael is also the patron saint of travelers. When you are going traveling, you should call on Archangel Raphael for safe journey mercies. He will ensure that you reach wherever you are going safely. He is the archangel of the East. Raphael works to ensure that everyone on earth feels his loving presence in their lives. His energies are most felt on earth on Wednesday and Sunday.


Raphael’s Power of Healing

He is the angel of healing, hope, abundance, truth, creativity, honesty, and vision. He has got large wings that represent his ability to rise above all limitations. When he is around, you will see flashes or sparks of green light all around you. He helps with spiritual, physical, and emotional healing for both humans and animals. He guides and gives insight to people who heal, such as doctors and traditional healers, among others. Raphael works to ensure that he heals us from addictions and bad habits that are not good for our bodies and wellbeing.

Archangel Raphael is a guide and healer to every living on earth. He works to ensure that we find lost objects. Raphael pushes us towards seeking spiritual enlightenment and spiritual awakening. He enhances creative visualizations and pushes us to become the best that we can be. Raphael helps us to develop our intuitive abilities so that we can make sound decisions and choices. He urges us to open our hearts and minds to the healing power that the universe carries. He brings us into sync with our personal spirituality.

Archangel Raphael works to ensure that we find healing and strength from nature and in the Universal Energies that surround us. He is in charge of everything that pertains to healing. He is a powerful healer and works to ensure we are free from fear and darkness. Light is everything that he advocates for. He is happy when humanity is happy.

The Roles Archangel Raphael Plays in Our Lives

Raphael is in charge of all the healing angels on earth. The ‘Angels of Healing’ guide and support healers who work to heal people of different illnesses. The energies and vibrations of Archangel Raphael and the angels of healing are called upon in all healing institutions. These angels also work to get rid of negative energies that might hinder us from growing and developing into better people.

The energies of Raphael archangel can also be called upon by scientists who are working to find cures for diseases that we suffer from. Raphael represents the healing aspect of God. He is known as the ‘Physician of the angelic realm’ and ‘The Divine healer.’ Raphael brings healing to humankind through the vibrations of compassion, love, inner guidance, and wisdom. He directs his healing power towards getting rid of negativity and bringing in the positive power of love, which leads to good health.

Raphael is the Master of Restoration and Regeneration. He works to bring balance, peace, and harmony into our lives. Anytime you feel sick, call upon Archangel Raphael for healing. He will bring healing into your life and the lives of others. Invoke Raphael for healing in your life, and he will bring help and guidance prior to and during your healing process.

archangel raphael

Archangel Raphael: Conclusion

Raphael surrounds the ailing parts of your body with his powerful emerald green healing energy and light. The green light acts as a soothing balm that brings about instant and complete healing. He works with the angels of healing to bring about physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Call upon him for angelic treatment, and he will bring the same to you. Believe in God to restore your health and bring balance and harmony back into your life.

Archangel Raphael will also give you the guidance and support that you need to get through life. Listen to his guidance, and you will attract positive energies into your life. Take control of your life and align the same with your true life purpose and soul mission. Raphael assists you with clearing negative energies and finding peace and happiness in your life by embracing positivity.

He encourages healthy eating and exercising to keep the body in good shape. He guides us towards positive lifestyle changes that suit our lives. People use the essential oils Lavender and Anise Star to connect with Archangel Raphael. These oils bring healing, regeneration, and protection from negative energies.

How to invoke the Archangel Raphael

To invoke the healing power of Raphael archangel, burn green candles, and you will see great results. He works with Archangel Michael to ensure that we live positive lives. His twin flame is Lady Mary (the Mother of Jesus/ Queen of Angels). Mary carries the feminine energies of compassion, love, grace, nurturing, and mercy.

Together, they oversee mothers, healers, nurses, and doctors, among other people involved in the healing process. They govern the 3rd Eye Chakra in humanity. The 3rd Eye Chakra resonates with our intuition and Divine connection. Raphael’s spiritual retreat is at Fatima, Portugal.

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