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What Is Moon Magic?

What Is Moon Magic?

Moon magic basically refers to the ritual of performing magic on the lines of lunar magick. It establishes a connection between the positions of moon and the magic rituals.

Moon revolves around the earth. While making the revolution there comes a time when the earth comes in between the sun and the moon and at this point, the sun appears to be very bright and completely round. This is called the ‘full moon day’.

However when the sun comes in between the earth and the moon, then it is called a ‘Dark Moon day’. Between these points of full and dark moon days the moon wanes and waxes. This is how the phases of moon shift.

The moon is considered to be the most significant heavenly body for practicing occult, pagan and Wicca practices. Different phases of the moon are essential for different purposes as they play an individual and distinct role. This is because the energy levels of moon are different when in different phases.

This energy is of paramount importance when performing the rituals. According to the general principles of magick, the waxing moon denotes the time for a new beginning and the waning moon is reflective of the time for alleviating negativity.

Nowadays there are many experts available who might help the people with a moon magic reading. However the problem with these experts and any other online calculator is that it is either very expensive or difficult to approach. The ones that are easily accessible and not very heavy on the pockets are not very reliable or trustworthy.

Moon Magick Reading

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Moon Phase - Magick Correspondence
Zodiacal Moon Magick
Elemental Moon Magick

The online lunar magic calculator presented over here is however free and easy to use. On top of this it could be accessible from anywhere, even from the comfort of the homes. The veracity of the reading could be checked from the reviews of the past users.

To use this tool all one needs to do is select the date and choose one option out of the three options which are moon phase, elemental moon magic and zodiacal moon magic. After this the button with ‘Free Moon Magic Reading’ written on it is clicked upon following which a detailed report comes up containing the moon phase, description, moon in sign, the keywords.

moon magic

The report also contains an interpretation which not only gives an insight into what is to come in the future but also suggests ways for a better future. One must try using this tool at least once as it is very popular for its accuracy.

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