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Crystalline Conversion Chakra Healing

Crystal Chakra Healing

The spiritual evolution completion process required by the physical cellular structure to convert and hold vast amounts of light supporting longevity.

This is a fairly new term used in personal development, DNA healing, and spiritual evolution and is becoming known in spiritual circles as people are awakening deeper within and acknowledging their deeper connection to their soul.

Crystalline Conversion

Crystalline conversion is simply a process that occurs deep within the cellular structure of each person as they evolve into deeper levels of consciousness and move through the spiritual initiation process. It actually occurs in stages supported by the continual evolution of consciousness.

As a person moves into a spiritual initiation and awakening process they undergo activations. Activations increase the amount of light and consciousness that is held within the cellular structure. Because consciousness is equal to light the more light we hold in the cells the higher or more evolved the consciousness becomes.


The challenge often experienced by initiates is to smoothly move through the activation process. During the activation process, often the cells are forced to purge or cleanse, release cellular memory, and purify themselves. This occurs so the increased amount of light can be held within the cellular structure, the cell undergoes a total rejuvenation and healing process as this occurs. The cleansing process or symptoms that are experienced as one goes through this process of cellular regeneration is referred to as light body symptoms.


Light body symptoms can be varied and are most commonly similar to flu symptoms with headaches, body aches, and even temperature. The body’s immune system kicks in and works to throw off excess mucous and toxins within the cells so they can hold more light. Light Body symptoms are best supported by nature, natural remedies and naturopathic detoxification processes will support the detoxification process and support the immune system to do its work. If the body/mind energy is repressed or blocked from processing the release of toxins in the cells the cells can easily go into a disease process and deeper illness or disease may occur like cancer as there is now an imbalance in mind, body, and spirit.


Cleansing Process

This cleansing process continues to occur as an initiate evolves into deeper levels of consciousness, as more light is focused on the cells and they are forced to undergo deeper levels of purification to convert to a crystalline state.

This deeper process is also referred to DNA healing because as light is activated the DNA strands are awakened, and as the cells remember the psyche also remembers. All of this takes place as the DNA cellular levels are activated and cellular DNA purification begins.

During this process, the initiate’s ancestral memory can start to release and awaken so the purification and clearing can be connected to past lives and even your ancestors’ past life, or even illnesses which have been passed along family gene lines can reemerge to be fully cleared and healed in the initiate. This is why it is important for initiates to remain very conscious of what is occurring in their body and also support the body with an excellent diet, exercise, rest, meditation, and a balanced lifestyle.

The good thing is, as the initial moves through the higher levels of light activation and their cells purify to become crystalline they are then able to hold unlimited amounts of light, so connection and communication with one’s soul are very easy and permanent. This process is a life long process and the required long term commitment is well rewarded with the ability to fully rejuvenate your cells and organs to a Crystalline state with the reward of longevity.

During the process of each level of initiation, various DNA strands are activated which are connected to specific organs and body systems. As one makes the commitment to their spiritually evolving path they will eventually rejuvenate the whole body so longevity becomes evident along with ones spiritual path of evolution.

This process of crystalline conversion is based on my intuitive and personal healing experience working on the spiritual path for over 27 years. It is also the basis of the energetic DNA healing and spiritual coaching system called Platinum Alchemy Transformational Healing and the Platinum Alchemy organic healing products which support this spiritual evolution process.

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