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Nature Symbols: The Source Of Communication

Nature Symbols And Significance

Often, nature symbols are a way of communication with humans. It provides a wide range of symbolism and signs. From ancient times, nature signs were regarded highly. The nature signs were used to solve problems in families, marriages, and conflicts among people. Besides, people would always turn to natural signs for guidance and direction.

Also, symbols of nature inspire us to do things uniquely because we have an aesthetic relationship that makes us love associating with natural things. We like taking an adventure in natural sceneries; there, we feel rejuvenated, and relaxed, and appreciate its beauty. Walk-in caves along the rivers, and the thick forest connect us to some unknown spirit and excite our imaginations. Indeed, nature symbolism is a fascinating insight.


What Symbolizes Nature?

The planets, galaxies, and everything in space represent nature. Also, the waters beneath, trees, blossoms, and animals all form the beautiful symbols of nature. However, each has a unique meaning; for instance,

Sun Symbolism

It represents life, vision, and power. In the olden days, the position of the sun could tell the time of the day. Further, some communities refer to the sun as their god, and they would worship and praise this natural symbol. Seeing the sun symbol in your life is good; it means you are shining powerful and influential.


Tree Symbolism

Trees, as a wild symbol, had religious connections. Some tree symbols have special symbolism. For instance, the fir tree is evergreen; hence it represents newness, life, and survival. The oak tree, in most European cultures, is a sacred tree that represents endurance and strength. Interestingly, some trees are used to scare and chase away evil spirits. In African culture, the banana tree represents the dead.


Animal Symbols

Different animals have different meanings around the world. The most common animal, like the lion, is a symbol of mighty power, leadership, and control. The elephant symbol resonates with intelligence, and ability and is a symbol of strength in Africa. While the Celtic dragons were associated with danger, they are bad omens. However, in China, dragons symbolize good luck and prosperity.


Thunder Symbols

Seeing thunder in ancient times represents powerful forces. It is a sign of divine powers around you. Also, the lighting symbols alert that the gods are around. Evil people fear thunderstorms and lightning because they can quickly strike them dead.

Rainbow Symbols

Often, the rainbow symbolizes hope, fulfillment, and new changes. When you see a rainbow, it shows beauty, and it inspires you. Thus it is an excellent sign to encounter the rainbow symbols.

Water Symbols

Usually, the oceans, rivers, and wells represent wellness, life, and health. However, when you see water symbols, especially in dreams, it might be a bad sign since you can be drowning in them. Heavy torrents also signify danger. But cool and calm waters symbolize happiness, hope, and a good life.

What is The Importance of Nature Symbols?

The symbols of nature usually guide you on things that are ahead. For instance, the darkness symbol signifies evil powers, sadness, and despair. Seeing darkness can mean a transition, death, or mystery in your life. Conversely, seeing light symbols is a sign of enlightenment and purity. It is often associated with energy and knowledge.

Nature Symbolism And Meanings

Symbols are present throughout all of the realms of nature. Some are obvious, while others are much more subtle, requiring your full attention and effort to understand. We can find much deeper meanings concealed beneath the surface as long as we take time. When we put ourselves in the right frame of mind, we allow ourselves to be receptive to their generous sharing. These energies are present in every aspect of our daily lives. Maybe this is why they are often taken for granted.

No matter what your cultural lineage is, our ancestors used nature symbolism. The farther back in history we go, the more it connects with Mother Earth and the ways we can go. Native Americans, for example, believed in an entire linguistic system of sharing that revolved around the energies of nature and their patterns.

The Cultural Meaning of Nature Symbols

The various tribes saw symbolism in all the natural aspects, from animals and elements to plants and weather conditions. The ancient Celts also honored the events in nature. They felt highly connected with them and used them to explain their existence. The Celts even had a special language of trees called the Ogham. This was a symbolic language of wisdom that spoke to those who could truly listen.

From these wise ancient groups, we can learn quite a bit. We have amazing tools all around us that will aid in our spiritual and psychic abilities. They are the trees, the skies, the seas, and the animals that live in them. Even space holds great ancient symbolism for us. The best advice one can receive is to take the time to view the natural world and all its beauty through the lens of symbolism. Doing so can show us the geometrical patterns in the natural world and rhythms of better signs, to name just a couple. There is truly no limit to the signs that we can find in nature, and thus no limit exists about our spiritual growth. Life will be in a new light- that is definite.

Symbols Of Nature

Symbols of nature can, generally, be broken down into a few basic categories. Many other categories exist when you look at the unique animals and seasons. Still, overall, natural symbols can fall into the following groups: fire symbols, earth symbols, air symbols, water symbols, and space symbols.

Simple geometric signs also carry depth symbolism. Shapes such as circles, squares, and triangles occur in nature and teach us a plethora of knowledge. For example, circles speak of cycles, unity, and a sense of oneness or wholeness, while triangles represent various trifectas. These include Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; life, death, and rebirth; past, present, and future, to name a few.

Among fire symbols, we can find the most obvious solar symbols and solar animals, sun yantras, salamander fire elementals, and Native American sun symbols.

Moving on to Earth symbols, we have a much broader list, e.g. land animals, tree symbolism, the Celtic Ogham, the Native American theories and legends, flowers, plants, garden symbols, stone, and natural elements.

Water symbol is quite real, with sea animals, emotions, concepts of fluidity, amphibian symbolism reptile animal totems, and rainbow meanings.

Air symbols include creatures that fly through the skies, insects, light feathers, and other air elementals. Lastly, we have space symbols. This includes all that is celestial and divine and the physical events and objects that reside there. When we think of space, we can think of the planets, the heavens, the underworld, alchemical planet meanings, solar animals, and lunar animals.

As you can see, the symbols in nature are endless. You need only look around you.

Conclusion: Nature Symbolism And Meaning

Nature has a way of talking with people using symbolic language. Anything that appears naturally has a hidden meaning. Mostly, nature symbols warn people from danger and prepare them to celebrate the good things in life. Therefore, whenever you see nature symbols, go through their symbolic meaning.

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