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Feng Shui Scents: Fragrance And Aroma For Happiness

Feng Shui Scents For Good Luck

Feng Shui originated in ancient China and revolves around the way you arrange the household objects in your home. This will affect your happiness, success, and health. Add love into the mix, and you are guaranteed to have a home filled with positive Feng Shui energy. If you would like to manipulate the energy in your home, you could add a variety of scents or aromatherapy fragrances. These will have a powerful effect on the Feng Shui or chi in your home and stimulate various emotional responses. Let us read more about Feng Shui scents.


It’s worth mentioning that essential oils derived from a plant’s natural source should be used as opposed to fragrant oils, which are generally made from synthetic oils. You would need to decide on the way that you would like to diffuse the scent into the air in your home.

A few options would be Feng Shui scented candles, incense, or air spray. Should you choose to use the air-spray option, the best ratio would be 8 to 10 drops of the aromatherapy oil of your choice to 8 oz of water. But this is a guideline and can be adjusted to the ratio that works for you.

Now let’s see what positive responses would be associated with a happy home. Which scent should be used, and for what response or reason? I’m going to tell you about the eight most popular aromatherapy scents available and the options I would choose. Know more about essential oils for prosperity, sleep, money, good luck, and scents used in Feng Shui.


Common Feng Shui Scents

#1. Sage

I would suggest starting with Sage to cleanse and clear the stale, stagnant energy in the entire home. So you can use the smudging technique for this if you are comfortable with it. Some people aren’t comfortable smudging because of the scent or the actual procedure.

You will need to light the tip of your sage smudge stick with the light of a candle, and while walking through your home, you will need to gently wave the smudge stick and allow the house to fill with the sage fragrance.

Make sure, however, that you have a fireproof container with you to catch the falling embers before they damage your carpeting or wooden flooring. During the smudging procedure, you need to quiet your mind and pray blessings on your home.


#2. Lavender

If you are looking to encourage calmness and relaxation in your home, then lavender scent is the one to use. Consider diffusing lavender in bedrooms and possibly at doors that lead into your home. Visitors will feel relaxed and calm when arriving to visit. Another option is to use fresh lavender sprigs around your home as part of your décor.

Add a few drops of lavender to a cotton ball, place it in a small bag, and add it to your clothes dryer to ensure that your clothes smell fresh and heavenly! So The options for Feng Shui fragrance are endless, have fun, and enjoy it!


#3. Vanilla

Many people associate vanilla with a happy childhood in a home filled with love and cookies! The scent of vanilla stimulates these memories and will bring the feeling of well-being and family harmony into a home. It has been said that the smell of vanilla encourages creativity. So, if you are a writer as I am or require your creativity to flow 24/7, then vanilla is the route to follow.

#4. Peppermint

The mind is a potent tool, and generally speaking, we associate peppermint with freshness and vigor. As a scent, peppermint stimulates prosperity in a home and will help improve performance when completing tedious tasks.

I’m sure most homes are faced with the challenge of children not wanting to help with chores and always having a myriad of excuses! Diffusing the scent of peppermint in your home could assist with this problem. Just be sure only to diffuse peppermint into your home during the day, as it may cause a lack of sleep at night.

#5. Citrus (Lemon, lime, or orange)

The citrus scent is commonly used for cleansing purposes in a home. But fresh, fruity smell instantly brightens and improves your mood and leaves you energized and ready to face the day. There is a Feng Shui belief that if you place nine oranges in a bowl in your living room or kitchen, it will attract good luck and prosperity. Using a drop or 2 of citrus aromatherapy oil in your evening bath stimulates spontaneous cheer and joy.

#6. Feng Shui Scents: Rose

The symbol of the rose has been associated with Venus, the Goddess of Love, and Cleopatra, who took rose milk baths to enhance her soft, beautiful skin. The rose is a commonly found, well–known flower, and its oil has been used in fragrances by perfume makers for many years. This is one way to make your home smell good.

The florally, sweet scent of rose oil can overpower the scent of many other aromatherapy oils if it is blended correctly. If you have a member of your family who is experiencing emotional problems and battling to cope with life, rose is the scent to diffuse in your home. It will encourage healing and restore compassion. The Feng Shui aroma of rose balances the heart and will help family members cope with loss or emotional grief.

#7. Sandalwood

When spring cleaning your home, consideration should be given to spring cleaning your life, heart, and the environment too! The two work hand! Negativity is a toxicity that can sit silently in our bodies, and the corners of our homes remaining unnoticed for extended periods.

Sandalwood is the Feng Shui scent to be used once spring cleaning begins. Combined with coarse salt, negativity in a home can be eradicated. Coarse salt will absorb the unwanted energy and leave your home feeling purified, fresh, and clean. The deep, earthy scent of sandalwood will assist with uplifting the spirit and combating depression in your home.

feng shui scents

#8. Jasmine

The final scent I would like to mention is Jasmine. This is a traditional Chinese scent that enhances the overall feeling of optimism and confidence in the home. The fresh, floral scent of Jasmine will attract good energy and love into your marriage and family. Consider planting new Jasmine close to open windows in your home.

The fragrance will assist with sleep patterns, and smelling Jasmine while sleeping will help with improving your mental performance the next day.  So your anxiety levels will be lower after a good night’s sleep filled with the scent of Jasmine.

Conclusion: Feng Shui Scents

Our sense of smell is one of the most dominant of our five senses. It stimulates memories and is very difficult to ignore. Feng shui aromatherapy scents used in conjunction with crystals and healthy, vibrant plants can ensure a happy, well-balanced home.

If you are considering buying a new home, I would suggest that you follow the suggestions above and delve a little deeper into how to set up the furniture and your belongings in your home to ensure that they will only attract good energy and happiness.

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