Thursday, October 6, 2022

Life After Death

Life after Death

Life after Death is a question that comes in everyone’s mind and I think it’s a very interesting topic to discuss. Death is the end of Life and many of us have different views and thoughts about death.

If we talk about the human body, death captures all of us at some point. However, we know that science is advanced now and we can evolve new silicon bodies for ourselves and could find a way to transfer our mind after death into it. But our actual physical body indeed ends one day. No one has the power to live forever.

Life is precious for everyone; once gone we never regained it. Now the question here is that is there any LIFE after DEATH? Or what will happen after Death? We all have different views on this also. Some think if we do good things, we go to heaven, and if we do bad things we go to hell. Well, it’s amazing to know the life in heaven or hell after death.

The Other Side

No one gives a correct answer about the life after death and when we will die (Death clock), as those people who returned to life could remember nothing of what happened to them “on the other side”. Some people believe that one who dies may be born again and begin the life cycle with no memory about what they have done in the past.

We called it “Punarjanam”. And these cycles continue until one gains entry into the spiritual world. However, some people have a belief that individuals who die have to go through a test and are judged by God or Almighty Power based on the actions and things they have done in their life.

Rebirth after Death

Scientifically we can say that there is a Life after Death. Our physical body converts into ash after death and our vital energy goes somewhere in the universe and our mind searches a new body for rebirth. There are many pieces of evidence found which proves that there is a different world after death where different kind of life exists.

Moreover, our lifestyle and spiritual deeds decide the level of existence after death. If we do more spiritual deeds and good things in our life only then we can enjoy the higher level of happiness (Heaven) or avoid punishment and unhappiness after death. On the other hand, if we do bad things we surely pay for this and suffer pain and unhappiness in Hell.

Above is the summary you can say about Life after Death. There is a lot more about this interesting topic as what happens after permanent death is still a mystery in itself.

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