Monday, July 26, 2021

Feng Shui Items To Increase Chi Energy

Feng Shui tips for Good Chi Energy

Aside from rearranging things in your home in order to increase the positive energy flow, you could also obtain some things that are said to provide a great source of promoting good Chi energy flow. Not only this, but they are also quite nice to look at and some can even be the main focal point of your living space.

For your outdoor space, there are certain features or things that can be added to help provide a focal point and promote good Feng shui. The most noteworthy of these things is the Koi fish pond.

This creates a very natural outdoor living area and is great for attracting lots of attention from your visitors. Other things that you should try to incorporate into your outdoor living space includes orange trees. A good number of these to have would either be two. Be sure that when you plant them, you provide enough spacing to allow for future growth.

Good Feng Shui Energy

For inside the home, there are Feng shui items that can be bought to help promote good Feng shui energy flow. One of these things is the money tree. The money tree can be kept indoors but does provide some lighting to stay healthy. This means that you should try to place it in an area that will receive some natural sunlight through your windows.

Additionally, there are also traditional Chinese artistic sculptures that you can buy and decorate your home with. There are things such as red and green money toads. The more authentic versions of these are usually carved out from red jade or green jade and can be quite heavy for their sizes.

There are also wooden versions of these toads as well and they should all be holding a golden-colored coin in their mouths. These toads are said to bring good wealth to the household.

Promote Health Energy

Other Feng shui items that can be used to promote good health inside the home is the indoor water fountain or other water features. For the business owners out there, there is also something known as the Greed Dragon of Ambition which is said to bring good fortune to the business and help you to make lots of money.

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