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Aura Color Meanings & Symbolism

What Is An Aura?

Auras are a very real thing that exists in nature. Essentially, an aura is a vibrating radiation of a living thing’s energy. It is evidence that life is animated and that each living thing expends energy into the universe. Just as all things that produce energy leave a residual, so, too, do they have an aura. Each person’s Aura Color Symbolism is characterized by a specific, changing color that helps determine a person’s mood, emotions, and/or physical feelings.


However, it is equally important to note that we should be in touch with the auras that we emit ourselves. By doing so, we can gain a better understanding of what is going on deep within ourselves. Below, the basic and general aura color meanings are discussed and detailed. For organizational purposes, let’s examine them in the order of another great symbol: a rainbow.


Aura Color Symbolism

Red Color Aura Meaning

As a strong aura color, red has roots in our fiery desires and passions. It invigorates us and jump-starts our bodies into action. It shows others that we have courage, and we can channel this aura color when weneedf confidence, when we need to feel power. On a more subtle and intimate level, a red aura enhances one’s romantic interactions.


Orange Symbolism

Slightly less intense in shade, orange emits softer waves of creativity, inspiration, and energy. Furthermore, this color embodies such warm qualities as clarity, rejuvenation, and a welcoming sense of inclusion. When you are feeling bored or uninspired, orange is the perfect color to trigger some enthusiasm. Channeling this color will give you the radiance you need to get in gear.


Yellow Color Meaning

Mellow yellow proves to be a true sentiment here. When you are consumed with distractions or are confused, yellow will set your energies free – it is the prime catalyst for clarity. By calling upon this color, distorted perceptions may become clear and you will be able to re-focus. From here, you can use your aura to get truthful insights. Likewise, others can gain clear perceptions of you.


Green Color Aura

The ultimate symbol of vitality, green flows through you when you need rebirth, renewal, and healing. It is the universal color of growth and rejuvenation in nature – a true testimony of the abundance that the universe and Mother Earth have provided us with. Additionally, a green aura can concern financial energies, as well. Channeling this color may assist you in bettering your health and increasing your wealth.

Blue Color Symbol

Tranquilizing blue indicates a calm and relaxed state of being. This color helps us when we are feeling the opposite of that. It enhances our psychic abilities, stimulates our innate intuition, and helps with interpretations of all kinds, including examining the auras of others. By projecting shades of blue, we enable ourselves to soothe ourselves and stormy emotions.

Indigo Aura Color

Between blue and purple sits the revered aura of indigo, which we can enact during periods of reflection and contemplation. If we want to dive into the depths of our souls, this color is the one to turn to and channel. Its deep color facilitates introspective knowing and a connection to magic while protecting us from any external negativities. As an aura, indigo can be seen in those who are deep in meditation or who wish to get there.

Violet Aura Symbolism

Violet rounds out the list of aura colors. It is one of the more curious and interesting colors due to its duality. By channeling the effects of another color and combining it with its traits, violet makes for quite a powerful, yet peaceful aura. Along with yellow, this color demonstrates the purest and angelic energies, such as childlike love and innocence. People with this color of aura exude kindness and an unconditional love that goes beyond mere passions.

When you immerse yourself in the radiance of violet, you experience a gentle cleansing of the soul. Project this beautiful color not only makes one content: but it will bring a sweet and necessary tenderness and affection into your life.

When seeing an aura, choose a color that most accurately addresses and answers your needs and fits in with your surrounding environment. If you are unsure what this might be, you need only focus and listen to what speaks to you most. Allow your feelings and intuitions to guide you.

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