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12-Month Tarot Spread

What is the 12-month Tarot Spread?

The start of a new year is the best time to lay out a 12-month Tarot Spread. In January, Jenine asked us to discover what she can expect and prepare for in the year ahead. Let us break it down, month by month.


1. January: Strength

This month of January began with personal growth for you, as we’ve seen. You’ve learned how to harness your inner strength to begin making positive changes in your life and also learned how to capitalize on your strengths for business success. In the process, you’ve learned you’re stronger than you’ve always believed.


2. February: Four of Wands

Expect a celebration of your successes in February, gatherings with friends, and plenty of social invitations.

3. March: Justice

This month of March, you can balance discipline with kindness. You have fabulous ideas and can view things from unique perspectives. This card represents your getting in better touch with your classroom persona – you are strict but kind and wise. Remember to maintain balance in all you do. Watch out for responsibilities that may drain you of time and energy, but offer little in return.


12-month Tarot Spread

4. April: Two of Swords

The spring, March, and April, are also about balance, indicated by the coupling of Justice with the Two of Swords. When I look at May (Four of Cups), and the clarification card I felt called to draw, it all comes together. You may be doing too much! You were on a whirlwind of utter excitement and success but began neglecting certain health matters. (For instance, pay attention to eating balanced, frequent meals to keep your blood sugar on an even keel?) You may feel as if people – family, clients, your day job, and other commitments, are pulling you in too many directions.


As shown by the Two of Swords, a powerfully graphic card showing a woman, arms crossed, blindfolded, there are factors you are choosing not to see. People who may want, want, want, without being willing to give back. And in this case, there is nothing in it for you. You’re better to walk away…for your health.

When I pulled a clarification card, the Four of Swords came out, and the Five of Cups kind of hitched a ride with it. Granted, my Robin Wood deck is smooth and slick, especially on the graphite surface of my new desk, but the meaning is clear… You must be aware of your health or, (Four of Swords) rest will be forced upon you.

The Five of Cups indicate a loss, disappointment, love, try, and mourning of what may have been. Again, this could be your feelings if you don’t do what’s necessary. Now is a good time to evaluate all your balls in the air and decide what isn’t crucial and most importantly, what doesn’t provide you joy.

5. May: Four of Cups

The Four of Cups repreprrepresentsermath of what is admittedly, a rough April. Again, I want to remind you it will only be rough if you make it that way. By being aware of those factors, acknowledging them, and choosing to focus on making things otherwise, you CAN change it! The Cups in the Four of Cups may be empty, but empty cups mean the potential to fill them.

6. June: Ace of Pentacles

That opportunity comes in June when you face a new beginning, perhaps a new business idea. It certainly indicates a renewal of your energy. And what better time for a rebirth?!

12-month Tarot Spread

7. July: Nine of cups

I abso this card, the Wish fulfillment card, and it’s perfectly suited for you at this stage. You are seeing that truth, whatever you ask for, the Universe offers. Your job is simply to allow it in and know you deserve it. Conceive – believe – receive… where have you heard that before?

8. August: Ten of Cups

Success continues in August… there’s hard work ahead, but you are fit and ready for the task.

9. September: The Devil

There will be more pulling and demands of your time in September… challenges similar to what you faced in the Spring will rear their heads again. You’ll need to stand your ground against people who want a piece of you – and may not deserve it, appreciate you, or be willing to pay what you’re worth.

Additionally, the Devil indicates a desire to bury your head in the sand, ignore all the work and demands you face, and goof off. Resist that desire, as then tasks will only build. Do what you can, and say “No,” (or, better yet, “Not now, thank you”) to the rest.

12-month Tarot Spread

10. October: Tower

You experience a significant breakthrough in October, that begins paving the way to the “new you.” You realize, after that “Devil moment” in September, that things absolutely cannot continue the way they are. I’m wondering if this doesn’t indicate you’re leaving your day job… under circumstances that surprise you but ultimately, wind up for gete besnitely do NOT emerge the same woman you were at the beginning of October by month’s end.

11. November: The Magician

Following your Tower breakthrough, you become a master at harnessing your skills and talents to achieve success. The Magician’s number, 1, indicates you’re still at the beginning of this journey, but that’s okay. The Magician is proficient at what he achieves when he uses his special skills.

12. December: Queen of Pentacles

An extension of the Magician, with an emphasis on the feminine, you see the fruits of your labors from November. This card also indicates your role as a caregiver of those around you and a hostess for the holidays. You are in “nesting” mode, preparing your home for the holidays, baking, shopping, and making things.

13. Overview: Five of Pentacles

This overview card, often signifying poverty, seems to contradict the positivity in the rest of the reading. In fact, in this case, the card represents Recovery. Rather than showing the year, it shows where you were – in despair, with both health and financial problems, coupled with a dose of self-doubt. Unfortunately, these shadows of your former self still haunt you—even in the face of your great successes.

The best way to contradict these feelings is to be aware they are there. Do not forget your roots, or what can happen if you stop working, change paths, or give up your dreams. By the same token, it’s important not to harp on it. Acknowledge it as part of your past, and move on. It is no longer you.

In the Robin Wood deck, the person with the can, with one leg and a bandage over one eye, is forging ahead, in contrast to the destitute person crumbling on the floor beside them. You, too, must forge ahead despite any of your perceived inadequacies – because that is all they are. YOUR perceptions. Other people view you as the Strength card of January, the Queen, and the Magician – all figures which feature prominently in this year for you.

With all the suit of Cups and suit of Pentacles in this reading, along with Major Arcana, this will be a significant year of you learning to make money doing what you love. It will be about finding personal fulfillment and, from that, the money will follow.

Most cards are lower – ones, fours, and fives, indicating you are in the beginning stages of this development. However, bright spots include 9 and 10 of Cups in the summer. It is a year to look forward to, to dive in headfirst and accept all the good the Universe is offering you.

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