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The 12th house, Neptune and Pisces – Linked to Dreams

The 12th house, Neptune and Pisces

The 12th house, Neptune and Pisces is linked to dreams. When we sleep, scientists say that we all dream, all the time, there is brain activity, and they say also mostly happens during the REM state, where our eyes move back and forth in a fast movement, and it is when we are at the last cycle of sleeping. Some people remember, others for long years just can’t, and even some can remember when then something major in their life happens and they begin having flashes of what they have dreamed of.


Human Mind

The human mind and our unconsciousness are very complex subjects, even when the 8th house is before being named the most complex and obscure house, mostly I think because it describes the unseen external forces and the supernatural, but in the 12th house there is often a tendency to jump out of the conversation without realizing it unless you are a good talker on the subject.

Each dream may last seconds, even if you feel that the dream is very long. We dream and it is a proven fact, and in astrology, the fact that you dream is associated with the 12th house of Neptune and Pisces.


However, the 12th house should be seen where the dreams are constantly active and call your attention somehow, and it is that area that may deliver such descriptions. Planets in Pisces could work as an activator of the filter dreamer aspects as with Neptune in the chart.

Zodiac Chart

The twelve houses are the last house of the circle, and Pisces is the last one of the Zodiac. They all are pointed out when creativity is accomplished by a natural talent for the arts in general.


We have all the charts to run before we get to the twelve houses. In the 1st house, we feel we are alive; the 2nd house acknowledges the material existence and its importance; in the 3rd house we learn that we must communicate with each other; in the 4th house presides in learning to live as a family member; the 5th house we take pride of ourselves of what we are; in the 6th house, we realize we have service to do in order the world to move.


In the 7th house we, want someone to share our life; in the 8th house we learn that someday we are going to die; in the 9th house we realize that life is a grand experience; in the 10th house you want to make your mark in the world; in the 11th house you make part of that world and in the 12th house we are dreamers, the ideal idea for one to move forward as we go again the 1st house of appearance.


I would say that when we dream it naturally activates all the planets, personal and generational ones, in the idea that the 12th house is connected to past and future life events, and this idea is agreed by astrologer Howard Sasportas (the twelve houses – exploring the houses of the horoscope).

We already dream when we are awake, we have our ideals, the ideal of a perfect home, of a perfect job, whatever. But in our sleep, we know better how to achieve such dreams, and why is that? Nobody knows for sure, for theories go for Google or books about it. Freud believed we cannot be the interpreter of our dream, and that I have to disagree in parts.

I constantly find myself intrigued by such a correlation to my dreams my daily life, and my interpretation of them, even if it is a long period. But some people indeed need guidance to understand dreams that are like a huge puzzle board, as counting on intuition is also a tool for predicting them.

Dreams can be plain black and white, colorful, and purely emotional, there is even verbal communication. Some people are capable of collecting information faster in their unconscious, bringing them future images while dreaming, whereas the 12th house is about our unconscious desires, we move life from the first house to the twelve houses and we act as if we have already such accomplishments in the whole Zodiac, so the dreams could be the projections of it.

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