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Venus In 2nd House Meaning And Significance

Venus in the Second House of the Natal Chart

What happens when Venus is in 2nd House? You love to have the best things in life, whatever be the cost.

2nd House Also Known As: House Of Possessions

Ruling Planet: Venus

Ruling Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Venus In 2nd House Celebrities: Abraham Lincoln, Alicia Keys, Sting, Elton John, Denzel Washington, Fidel Castro, Oscar Wilde

Positive Keywords for Venus In 2nd House: Pleasure-Seeking, Beautiful, Artistic, Passive, Straightforward, Honest, Reliable

Shadow Keywords for Venus In 2nd House: Stubborn, Expectations, Difficult, Particular


Venus In Second House: Personality Traits

You are straightforward and honest in your approach to everything, and Venus in the second house treats your love life in the same manner. There’s no playing games with you because you don’t see the point of such nonsense. You are sensible and practical, and your relationships are as well.


All of your feelings and actions serve a purpose, and people know where they stand with you. This makes you very reliable, which is something for which you show a lot of pride. Venus not only represents love, but also relationships and pleasures that money can buy. In the 2nd house, that’s solid relationships and quality of beauty and artistry.

The Venus In 2nd House

Venus In 2nd House: Positive Traits

With Venus in the second house in your birth chart, you love aesthetically pleasing items that are well-crafted and created by someone who took the time to get it just right. Because you take your time in everything you do, you want the same kind of care in anything you purchase.


You are also attracted to anything that activates your senses, especially your sense of smell and touch. Luxurious fabrics and fragrant aromas catch your attention immediately. And, you want them to accent the comfort of your home or workplace.


You feel the same way when it comes to gifts for your loved ones. You have a knack for finding things that fit perfectly with their personality, which they always love.

What brings you the most pleasure is being in a secure and stable partnership, one that makes you feel safe and loved. While you may fall in love with complicated people from time to time, you prefer someone less chaotic and more authentic. This is the kind of person you feel you can create a solid foundation on which you can build a long-term commitment.

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Venus In 2nd House: Negative Traits

Venus in 2nd house astrology also predicts that the only problem is you gift people with the expectation of getting something equally wonderful in return. You may not realize it, but you tend to place pressure on your social circle to put forth the same amount of effort in reciprocating gifts. And that can be difficult because of your specific tastes.


Don’t concentrate so much on the gift itself, but rather appreciate the gesture. And since you can be a difficult person to shop for, drop hints to people whenever you see something you like or a version of something that would make a good gift.


Your suggestions would be much appreciated. This is especially true when you become involved in a relationship because you enjoy pampering your partner. Romance is big for you. And, it can be a bit overwhelming for those who aren’t used to being wooed in the traditional sense.


The Venus in 2nd house personality have a strong sense of self and moral values, and you are looking for someone who has similar beliefs. Because of this, you take your time to get to know someone first before jumping into a relationship. You need time to develop your feelings. But, that’s also what makes you so dedicated once you fall in love.


As Taurus is your ruling zodiac sign, once you make up your mind that’s it – no one changes it. Your stubborn nature extends to your love life as well, and once someone has caught your heart, no one else can change your mind. Because you weigh all of your options beforehand and consider all possible alternatives, you know what you want, and you know when you’ve found it.

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  1. All of this seems very accurate. I HAVE venus in my second house of Aquarius, both a blessing and a curse. I am currently studying this years saturn and jupiter transit of Aquarius, trying to make sense of both money and relationship issues. The real concern is I also have a lilith, pholus, juno stellium in the later part of this same Aquarius 2nd house. I find my self constantly conflicted and confronted by my 12th house sun in Sag and my 28 degree Sag asc. Any thoughts or comments or assistance appreciated. Thanks !

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