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5 Ways To Pamper Your Husband

Being together for a long time changes a lot of things in a relationship. You might find you have stopped doing the things that you used to love doing for your husband. When you see you and your husband are now so caught up in routine everyday activities, you might want to place a new light on your relationship and try to bring it back to what it used to be. Here are 5 ways you could pamper your husband:

    1. Make time for him:

      coupleYou might find yourself so busy and barely having the ability to make time for everything you need to take care of, but it is very important to always make your marriage your top priority. Making time for your husband and spending time with him would help him feel how special he still is to you, even after such a long time of being together.


      If your husband likes to play golf, try going with him the next time he plays. Even just sitting down with him and having a small fun chat with him along with 2 cups of coffee or watching your or his favorite television show together will make him feel that he matters to you and you want to spend a remarkable time with him.
    2. Cook him his favorite meal:

      The reason why the saying “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” still remains so popular up to this day is because it is universally true. Of course there are lots of wives out there who have managed for so long without ever learning how to cook, but knowing how to make even one meal wouldn’t hurt.


      Preparing and serving him his favorite meal would take him by surprise, and he would appreciate it for sure. You could also try making him his favourite dessert. If cooking is your natural responsibility in the household and it is you who prepare your family’s meals, it would be great if you try to incorporate your husband’s favorites into your monthly meal plan more. Surely, this would make your husband fonder of you.


    1. Leave him little notes:

      This act of affection would leave almost every one swooning, and men are no exception to that. Leave him post-its on his office desk or bedside table, reminding him you love him. You could also stick post-its on his cup of tea or coffee. Similarly, you could try randomly sending him text messages or e-mails, or even leaving him a message on his Facebook wall whenever your are not together.


      This is a simple and sweet way of telling your husband that you are always thinking of him. If you have the time to spare, also try to make him a special handwritten letter or even a poem that says how deep your feelings are for him – through centuries, this always proves to make anyone feel special.


    2. Give him random gifts:

      If you think only women deserve to be spoiled with gifts, you are wrong. Think of that special feeling you get when your husband surprises you with a gift – wouldn’t you want your husband to feel that way too? If you want to avoid a lot of costs, you could do this for even just a couple of times in a year. However, gifts do not need to cost a lot to be appreciated.

      Remember that cost and worth are two entirely different things. You could randomly surprise him with a cinema ticket to a movie he has wants to see, or even just a copy of a book he’s interested in. In making your husband feel loved and special, it is always the thought that counts.

    1. Throw him compliments:

      Just as women deserve and want to be complimented by their husbands, men want to feel appreciated by being given compliments as well. Find things to compliment about your husband – may it be for his new haircut, how the tie he picked goes well with his suit, or how he beautifully handmade your daughter’s birdhouse. Throwing him compliments regularly would let him know how you notice and appreciate everything he does.

In a typical relationship, the man would seem more distant and less demanding with his needs. Despite this, every wife should try to always show affection and share intimacy with their husband. If you do, that past spark in your relationship would turn into a constant flame.

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