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Thomas Jefferson

Birthday :

April 13, 1743

Died On :

July 4, 1826

Also Known For :


Birth Place :

Shadwell, Virginia, United States of America

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I don’t know why but I feel like I know Jefferson less than other revolutionary era figures. Maybe it is because I have only come across five biographies about his full life. I have also read Alexander Hamilton biographies and several presidential biographies.

The intriguing mystery comes when his scholars; Peterson and Malone didn’t have a clue about the third president of the United States. I wonder who else has this information. Let’s see what several social backgrounds have in store for Thomas Jefferson.

Early And Childhood Life

On 13th April 1743, Thomas Jefferson was born in Shadwell, United States, Virginia. He always remembered his first childhood memory at the age of three. It happened that he once escorted his father’s slave in Virginia desert land. Peter Jefferson, his father, moved his family along as he had planned to manage his Virginia plantation. Jefferson spent six to seven years studying while still trekking the Virginia woods. He began to study at the age of nine in one of the excellent boarding schools. He excelled in classical languages and was taken by the College of William and Mary. He studied Mathematics, science, literature, rhetoric, and philosophy.

From 1762 to 1767 Thomas Jefferson took higher legal studies under George Wythe who taught Henry Clay and John Marshall. They were two important revolutionary figures in America History. In April 1767, Jefferson surfaced as one of the nation’s ideal lawyerS just after being admitted to the Virginia bar.

According to Wythe, Jefferson seriously took the study of law. He felt like it was the primary aspect that brought back the history, culture, politics and moral conscience together.

Thomas Jefferson was lucky to afford the private education that he received. At that time HANDFUL, Americans could provide such an opportunity. All this draws back to successful father, a planter. Unfortunately, in 1757 Peter Jefferson died. Luckily Jefferson owned 7,000 acres of land in Western Virginia. He was followed by several names such as a talented surveyor and the commander of the local militia. His father’s death made Jefferson and other siblings to seek guidance and advice from different sources. Little information is known about Jefferson’s mother; Jane Randolph Jefferson who died in 1776.



Later Life

Being a teenage country lover, Jefferson's love for law tradition grew as he continued to age. He was always found following the provincial court meetings as well as traveling to several districts seats. During his wandering years, he met Martha Wayles Skeleton, a 23-year-old woman. They fell in love and got married on 1st January 1772. Both moved into a one-room brick house at Jefferson’s Virginia plantation. Jefferson seemingly called it a Monticello. Much of what he owned in the house was built by his slaves who were competent in both craftsmanship and design.

From 1769 to 1774 Jefferson played an imperative role in making the organization of Virginia Committee. His goal was to ferment his Colonial group that would later come against the British.

In 1774 Jefferson’s came up with ‘Summary View of the Rights of British Americas.’ It was his first documents that propelled him to garner amicable spotlight. Right there and then he was known as the main articulator of law as well as the ideal peacemaker.


Rise To Stardom

In 1776, the Second Continental Congress resumed in Philadelphia. Jefferson was on the list of five chosen delegates. They were expected to write a declaration of independence. Both were destined to fathom the nation to the higher norm. They included; Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Roger Sherman as well as Robert R. Livingston.

Thomas Jefferson was typically chosen due to his epic writing style. Not to mention he was the principal representative of Virginia. Jefferson willingly wrote the independence draft and justified it before the committee. The document presented by Jefferson provided the ideal statement for Americans Human Rights.

According to Jefferson, the Declaration of Independence was planned to give the firm foundation for American history creation. By merely authoring this crucial and highly respected document Jefferson was placed on the list of most imperative Founding Fathers. George Washington, John Adams, and Benjamin Franklin were also included.

After the Revolutionary War, Thomas Jefferson passed through several political positions such as being the U.S Minister of France, Governor of Virginia, Vice President under John Adams and the first secretary of state under George Washington.



On March 4th, 1801 Thomas Jefferson became the third president of United States after John Adams rulership. The first thing he did was to decrease the federal budget. This helped to move more power back to the state. He also reduced the higher taxes, and positive feedback was shown everywhere he passed. Jefferson accomplished several successes such as purchasing a sizable section of land that started from Napoleon to France. He permitted Lewis and Clark position to explore the western view and report back the outcome.

The most potent thing that Thomas Jefferson did was to send American Navy Ships to battle with the pirates in North side of Africa. The Pirates used to attack American merchant vessels. He was more than determined to put a full stop to the situation. He also got a second term to serve as the president of the United States.



Later Life

After his presidency, Thomas Jefferson went back to his busy life. He returned to Monticello and his family joined him. At that time, he had lots of time to do what he loved. Including; Reading books, writing letters, designing gardens, riding horses as well as playing with his twelve grandchildren. As time passed, Jefferson started the University of Virginia. He created the building and obliged to serve as the first president. At 83 years old; on July 4, 1826, Jefferson died.

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