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venus in the houses

Venus In Houses Symbol & Meanings

Venus In Astrological Houses

In astrology, the planet Venus is highly influential when it comes to everything dealing with love, friendships, and creativity. When it comes to romance, Venus in houses helps to decide what we like to look for in a partner, as well as what kind of romantic or sexual situations we like or dislike.


Venus helps with friendships by helping us to decide what kind of people to spend our time with, as well as how well we stay in touch with them. Venus in houses can also help to pick what kinds of artistic things you will be talented at, and how you can use these talents. Find out the symbolism of Venus in the 12 houses in your horoscope.

Venus In Houses – Astrological Meanings

Venus In 1st House

The Venus In 1st House

When Venus is in the first house, you are more likely to attract friends or even a partner. However, if you are negative, then you will seem superficial or arrogant to others. Be confident in yourself, but don’t treat others poorly.


Venus In 2nd House

The Venus In 2nd House

When Venus is in the 2nd house, love and romance will be more important to you than ever. You will also want to treat yourself to items that might usually be too expensive for you. But, you will be extremely good at finding these gifts for yourself, and maybe even a few gifts for your friends as well.


Venus In 3rd House

The Venus In 3rd House

In the third house, you will tend to be more expressive with your words. You will be extremely good at making friends when Venus is in this astrological house. But, you may turn away some people by talking passionately about political or social issues.


Venus In 4th House

The Venus In 4th House

All you’ll want when Venus is in the fourth house is peace of mind and body. Things might have gotten too stressful before, and now is the time to reorganize your life. You may also want to consider taking up yoga or other calming activities.

Venus In 5th House

The Venus In 5th House

You will get your energy from romance when Venus is in the 5th house. You will be more playful with your partner or a new potential partner. Also, you will tend to listen to romantic songs and work on artistic projects in your spare time.

Venus In 6th House

The Venus In 6th House

When Venus is in the sixth house, you are bound to be determined to be there for your partner, emotionally and romantically. You will be especially affectionate and thoughtful during this time. But, keep track of the small things during this time so that you can better see the big picture.

Venus In 7th House

Venus In 7th House. Venus in seventh house people feel more comfortable in a relationship. You like the idea of partnerships.

You won’t even want to think about being alone when Venus is in the seventh house. And, you will do whatever it takes to keep your current relationship peaceful; you would hate to see it end. And, if you do not already have a partner, then you will do whatever it takes to become more attractive sexually and in conversation, to attain a partner.

Venus In 8th House

The Venus In 8th House

The drama will excite you when Venus is in the eighth house. The normal day-to-day romantic interactions will bore you. You will do whatever you can to add a spark to your relationship. And, if that doesn’t work, then you won’t mind starting some trouble to get some entertainment.

Venus In 9th House

The Venus In 9th House

When Venus is in the 9th house you will tend to be attracted to different ethnic groups, or a member of another ethnic group will be attracted to you. It’s all up to you as to what you do about this. Do not be clingy though, as this is bad no matter what kind of person you are with.

Venus In 10th House

The Venus In 10th House

When Venus is in the tenth house people will tend to see you as more charming. This can get you more friends, or attract new partners, possibly even romantic interests from exotic places. It’s possible with how many people use the Internet these days. Do not become arrogant during this time.

Venus In 11th House

The Venus In 11th House

You will need a serious soul mate in order even to be interested in romantic actions while Venus is in the eleventh house. You may want to search for a partner who has qualities that you are not usually interested in, as this could make the relationship more exciting.

Venus In 12th House

The Venus In 12th House

You and your partner will become extremely close when Venus is in the 12th house. While your boundaries might be a bit blurred, you will be sexually excited to be with your partner. Don’t let your partner take advantage of you during this time. Stand your ground on issues you don’t agree with.

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