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How To Learn Aromatherapy Online?

How To Learn Aromatherapy Online?

For a long time there has been the use of different kinds of plants and their extracts for the purposes of healing and soothing. However the experts coined the term ‘aromatherapy’ in the midst of the 20th century. It is a well known fact that the Egyptians believed in the preserving the bodies of the dead, called embalmation.

For the embalming they mainly used oils of different kinds of spices, trees and elements like cinnamon, cedar, nutmeg, myrrh. To put it bluntly the technique of aromatherapy involves the treatment and healing through the use of scents.

Aromatherapy is most importantly targeted at the accomplishing the goal of upliftment of moods and the personal well being of a person. Now it accomplishes this task with the help of oils extracted from plants. Studies have shown that of the all the sensory organs the sense of smell has the strongest affect on the moods, emotions and personal feelings of a person.

Learn AromatherapyThere are several essential benefits of aromatherapy like it helps in alleviating pain and stress. It could make one forget all their problems and become tension free. In some cases it has also proved to be efficacious in dealing with symptoms of fatigue and tiredness and thereby making a person active.

In addition to these, aromatherapy could also be used in the treatment of some of the long lasting and serious emotional and mental problems like depression and hyperactivity. It is also seen as a cure for insomnia and sleeplessness. The uses of aromatherapy is not only limited to health it also serves the purposes of insect repellent. In fact Citronella is considered as very popular oil when it comes to dealing with insects.

Many different kinds of explanations and justifications are given for the effectiveness of aromatherapy. The most popular of reasons, if the studies are to be believed states that the sense of smell reaches and affects the brain directly. The two prominent waves that are the alpha wave and the beta waves are found in the back and the front of the brain respectively.


The alpha waves are affected by lavender and this creates fatigue and the beta waves respond to lemon, eucalyptus and jasmine and this energizes the person thereby making him more awake.

The oils that are used for aromatherapy are normally mixed with water. This results in the formation of massage oil which is used in two different ways. The first way of using it is mainly for the therapeutic purposes where in it is applied on the body and is soaked or absorbed.

In the second way of using it is by the inhalation of the scent of the oil. Normally the oils are also used in the bath after being diffused.

Thus it is very important to learn about aromatherapy and how to use it. While there are many experts who help the people by training them and edifying them on aromatherapy but most of these experts are very expensive, especially for the beginners. In addition to these experts are difficult to approach and on top of that there is no guarantee of of what they teach.

This free online learn aromatherapy application presented over here could help get around this problem as it is easy to use and gives information about the aromatherapy oils. All one needs to do is choose the correct option and click on the button with “Learn and Test Aromatherapy” written on it and a detailed explanation comes.

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