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Taurus Capricorn Love Compatibility

Taurus Capricorn Love Compatibility

How good or bad is the love compatibility between a Taurus and Capricorn emotionally, mentally and sexually? Read on…

What kind of relationship occurs from a Taurus and Capricorn love compatibility? A very practical and sensible relationship. Taurus and Capricorn in love are quite the perfect match with a lot of similarities and ideas that they both share.


The Taurus and Capricorn soul mates both value the same things and can make for perfect parents when they do start a family. They also have differences that can really cause the relationship to fall flat before it even has the chance to take off. If you are a Taurus interested in dating a Capricorn or vice versa, check out just how compatible you are together.

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Taurus And Capricorn Love Compatibility – Positive

In the Taurus and Capricorn compatibility, both are responsible. They make sure that they accomplish whatever they vow to do for themselves or for someone else. They hate to feel as if they let someone down due to their inability to follow up with what they set out to do.

They are also responsible with money. They make a budget and make sure to stick with it no matter how much they are tempted to do otherwise. The Taurus Capricorn couple are also responsible with chores and like to do it together for a bonding experience.


Capricorn zodiac are quite wise and love to seek out knowledge which makes them a desirable partner for the Bull who enjoys stimulating conversations. Capricorn acquire a wealth of wisdom by always remaining level headed and practical in all dealings in life which usually makes them the leaders or advisors in relationships.

In the Taurus Capricorn love compatibility, the sea goats always know what to do and how to formulate a plan which makes for a fun time when they are doing something adventurous with a partner. Their inquisitive minds attract the Taurus’ who find it easy to discuss many topics with Capricorns.


Capricorn are also loyal to their friends and loved ones. They take up for those that they hold dear to them and makes sure that they feel safe. In the Taurus Capricorn marriage, the Taurean is also quite loyal and forms an inseparable bond with the Sea Goat that can last a lifetime. They are always honest with each other and make sure to keep each other’s feelings in mind when dealing with sensitive subjects or arguments. They understand the need to keep things open so that no problems may arise.

Capricorn’s are also quite independent and knows when to give their partner space. Taurus likes Capricorn’s independent nature and values that they are not needed constantly or wanted for trivial things. They like the feeling of being left alone to focus on their own interests. In this Taurus Capricorn love compatibility, they do not force their partners into spending time with them or argue about more time together. Instead they focus on what they enjoy doing by themselves.

Capricorn is also very sensual when it comes to intimacy. They like to please their partner by doing romantic things for them by making them a bath, buying flowers, and kissing them unexpectedly.

The Taurus Capricorn are also passionate in bed and a different side of a Capricorn comes out. They are also quite open with it comes to sex which only makes a Taurus happy with their abilities to try new things and experiment. They both are able to create a rewarding and eventful sex life that can remain strong for a long time. (Read about Capricorn sex traits).


Taurus Capricorn Compatibility – Negative

With all of these perfect qualities that the Taurus Capricorn love compatibility share, there are also some differences that can make their relationship strained. Capricorn has a pessimistic worldview about life in general. They think that the worst is going to happen and try to plan for it due to their resourceful nature.

Taurus are usually positive mined and when dealing with a pessimistic Capricorn can make them want to avoid being around them. They start to lose interest or become impatient when dealing with a Capricorn’s belief that the worst is always happening. Many arguments and fights can occur due to this difference in outlooks on life.

In the Taurus and Capricorn compatibility, are both controlling and can be dictatorial when talking to their partners. These strong and demanding personas in two partners can lead to instant trouble. Capricorn’s want everything to be in place and for their partner to always have a plan when undertaking something. They hate the idea of spontaneity or doing something on a whim, It drives them crazy and makes them want to vent their frustrations on it.

Taurus’ like to push their partner into doing exactly what they say to the point of completely overriding their feelings. This need for control can turn into a game of who can win a fight which only deteriorates the relationship.

Capricorn’s can be workaholics and never find the time for resting or just relaxing. They are always on the go and need to finish whatever project or chore that they have set out to do. Taurus’ can be lazy and procrastinate about doing something which only drives their mate crazy.

They feel that their Taurus partner is unwilling to go the extra mile in obtaining things or even getting up to do simple chores. They lash out by yelling at their partner or displaying passive aggressive behavior such as the silent treatment and ignoring their partner. This behavior shows the sign of the Taurus Capricorn breakup.

Capricorn can also be very moody. Their feelings fluctuate throughout the day and may go from extremely angry to joyful the next second. They dwell on things that offend them due to their sensitive nature and may hold a grudge against their partner for a wrong word used against them.

The Taurus personality may become quite flustered with a moody Capricorn in their inability to find out just how their partner is feeling. They can be thrown off guard when their partner is sad when a few seconds ago they were very happy. This up and down mood swings can lead to a big problem in the Taurus Capricorn compatibility.

Also, the Capricorn can be shy and withdrawn in a Taurus Capricorn compatibility. They hold back on fully expressing their emotions and may not speak much when meeting someone new or hanging out with friends. They love to be on the outside looking in and are OK with just observing which can make them forgettable in a group setting.

Taurus are assertive and sociable by nature and may find it very hard to deal with a shy Capricorn. They would become bored with always being the one to start a conversation or do something that attempts to get their partner out of their comfort zone. They would gradually lose interest and seek out a more suitable partner.

Taurus And Capricorn Compatibility – Conclusion

In conclusion, a Taurus Capricorn relationship can seem perfect with the many strong qualities that they both share. They are both practical and sensible about doing things and like to take responsibility on tasks. They care about abstract subjects and conversations that make them think about life and existence.

But they also have different personalities where Capricorn are more shy than the Taurus which can make the relationship flounder. They are also both control freaks which can lead to battles over who gets the upper hand in this Taurus Capricorn love compatibility. However, if they both come to an understanding of each other they can create a lasting relationship.

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