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Third Eye Chakra – Ajna Healing

Third Eye Chakra – Ajna

As its very name seems to indicate, the Third Eye Chakra – Ajna governs the nature of the approach and vision of a person. This is the chakra that controls your own perspective, and the way you develop ideas about individuals and situations. After all, how you essentially perceive things is what influences your sense of judgment the most.


You can either be biased or look at things with neutrality, which is truly desirable. At times, your ego and self-pride will make you blind to your immediate surroundings, and you might miss out on important happenings in your life, or in the lives of your loved ones. You must develop your insight, and visualize things through chakra meditation vividly if you are to relate well to this Ajna chakra.


Open Third Eye Chakra Meaning

When this chakra is in its open state, you are said to have a very good sense of intuition. You may even tend to fantasize a bit. You are extremely adept at perceiving things or persons, and consequently, your judgment is likely to be sound.


People look to you for advice in imperative situations, and you are much loved and respected all around. You approach any situation by looking at it from a broad perspective, and this automatically helps you to become impartial in your judgment. On the whole, you are considered to be a just and fair person.


Under Active Third Eye Chakra Meaning

On the other hand, when this Ajna chakra is active, you seem to have lost the powers of independent thinking. As such, you become mentally confused and unable to judge a situation clearly and impartially. This, in turn, makes you rely on others for your thought process to be complete and corrected, which is not very desirable.


Your thinking may be highly rigid and set in nature, and you may believe too much in someone or something. Since you are confused in your line of thought, you are likely to be wavering, which may reflect in your professional career.

Over Active Third Eye Chakra Meaning

In this third eye chakra’s overactive state, you tend to live in a totally dream world, and sometimes, you might even be prone to hallucinations. You are then a very moody and sensitive person, and others may be confused in trying to understand you. Since you pay little attention to others, it will, in turn, make them unconcerned about you. This makes you all the more dejected and unhappy.

The possible solution to this confused state lies in allowing your mind to relax through chakra healing. Stop being obsessively inclined towards someone or something.

Do not look at superficial solutions to important things in your life, but try and go into the depth of it. Above all, you should adopt an optimistic approach to life.

Do not question any person or situation in a way that demeans your worth in the eyes of others. On the whole, try and spread love and positive energy to all those around you. This will redeem you as a person, and guarantee you physical and mental well-being.

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Third Eye Chakra – Ajna
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