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Mayan Galactic Tone 3: Óox – Rhythm

Mayan Galactic Tone 3

The Mayan Galactic Tone 3 is known as Action, Rhythm, or Óox. The Mayan galactic tone is electric. It is considered the tone of service and bonding.

Mayan Name: Óox

Maya Day Number: Three – Electric

Alternative Galactic Tone Name: Rhythm, Action

Important Keywords:

Keywords they should meditate on are focus, creativity, intuition, emotions, completion, and peace.


Mayan Galactic Tone 3

Position In Mayan Numerology

The third number of the Mayan Galactic tones known as Action, Rhythm or Óox

The sign of Action symbolizes Mother Earth and giving thanks for all of the abundance and gifts the earth gives to us.


Mayan Galactic Tone 3

Positive Traits

People born under the Maya three galactic tone energy are good communicators. They know how to get their point across by being very direct, but not offensive. They have a restless nature and it’s hard for them to stay still for too long.


Their love of creativity coupled with their restless nature make them lovers of dance and artistic movement. They are also natural creators and love art as well as music.

They prefer to work alone and create without others around. They are sensitive to other’s emotions and moods and this could be a distraction when they are trying to focus on creating.


Although their energies can be scattered, if they learn to focus their mind they can create masterpieces for the whole world to admire. Their creative energy could lead them to careers as a writer, radio broadcasters, musician, singer, or actors.

The Mayan day number action is very giving and optimistic people. Their cheery nature makes them very likable. Other people love them because they are good listeners who have a keen sense of how to help others with their problems.

They can sense a person’s mood without them ever saying anything. They instinctively know how to make people comfortable. People that they’ve just met will feel comfortable enough to tell them their private thoughts.

They would make good psychologists or counselors. Any career where they can be of service to others, as their tone suggests, would fulfill the path in life they should take.

Mayan Galactic Tone 3

Negative Traits

The Mayan galactic tone Rhythm tends to be emotionally withdrawn when they feel overly criticized and hurt. They can be sarcastic and use their skills of communication to say hurtful things to people.

Their tongues can mimic swords when they are not in balance. They have a lot of creative energy and if it is not used in the right way they can become depressed and moody.

One of their challenges in life is learning how to express their feelings without being vulnerable or judged. If they can do this it will give them more clarity and focus as well as inner peace.

They love to live life to the fullest and they will go on as if nothing else matters but what is going on today. They don’t take anything too seriously which will make it hard when it comes to serious responsibilities.

Maya day number 3 will have a hard time being responsible with money because they spend today always thinking that things will work themselves out in the future.

Their optimistic attitude makes them feel like everything will work out for the best. They can lack any serious direction and they tend to be procrastinators because of this.

Mayan Galactic Tone 3

ÓOX / Rhythm Days

The energy of Maya’s three days wants you to ask for something that you’ve been waiting to create. Ask for completion and focus to complete the project. It is also a good day to meditate near water. If seeking to have a child, ask for a safe and healthy pregnancy and delivery.

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