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Taurus Libra Love Compatibility

Taurus Libra Love Compatibility

How good or bad is the love compatibility between a Taurus and Libra emotionally, mentally and sexually? Read on…

Taurus and Libra in love are the correct couple to display the saying ‘other half’. They complete each other’s sentences. They both have taste when it comes to food and dressing. This bond forms slowly as they move into a strong relationship knowing each other in small doses. The Taurus and Libra compatibility is so good that when they find out their similarities, they are thrilled at how much they have in common.


The Libran is the calm one in this Taurus and Libra relationship. His/her duty is to restore calmness when the tides are high in the relationship. He /she is a mediator in his/her own sentence. Taurus personality is extremely stubborn and sometimes becomes quite too. Libra charms his/her way through Taurus heart and peace is restored in case of a disagreement.

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Taurus And Libra Love Compatibility – Positive

Taurus and Libra soul mates are people who cherish moments and therefore collect a lot of symbolical objects. They will enjoy good music and go to galleries to look at paintings. These two are hopeless romantics and during courtship they try their best to do please their partners. This shows that they are fit for each other.

The Libra is attracted by the masculine personality of Taurus. Libra on the other hand is a likable being and this pulls the Bull all the more towards the Libran. Taurus will shower their partner with gifts and the Libra enjoys every moment of affection by the Taurean.


Success comes naturally to the Taurus and Libra zodiac match. They work very hard. With the Libran’s connections, they are able to nail perfect investments. Taurus is the watch dog who will look at every merchant to make sure they are legit. This is how these two zodiac signs avoid bad investments. They make a lot of money and eventually accumulate a lot of wealth.

Yes, the love making and sex between the Taurus and Libra in bed will be breathtaking. The romance will be memorable and the love will thrive against all adversity. This is only if the two of you learn the concept of compromise and the application of tolerance. Use your strong areas to make your partner happy. Read more about Libra sexual traits.


Planet Venus controls Taurus and Libra. They worship money and adore affection. Libra seeks knowledge and intelligence while Taurus yearns for wealth and power. These two star signs balance in case of decision making regardless of Libran’s indecisive tendencies. Taurus takes the lead while Libra helps lead in the background and also makes things less serious making the relationship more lively.

Taurus Libra Compatibility – Negative

Decision making takes a lot of time for a Taurus Libra friendship. Taurus comes off as slow. He/she lacks the ability to instantaneously make decisions. He/she feels the need to look into issues living no stone unturned. This slows down the Libra man or woman who already knows what he/she wants but needs an opinion to be sure that he/she is right. It is very hard for this Taurus Libra love compatibility.

In the Taurus and Libra marriage decisions, especially choosing the wedding date, venue and the theme color might be difficult. Libra needs to teach Taurus the importance of thinking and making a decision in split seconds and Libra learns that somethings should be actually thought about for some time to come up with necessary solutions.


Libra is a talker. They will talk about everything in excruciating detail. They will want the Bull to listen to them talk. They will bicker about the neighbors and rant about their boss. Taurus finds it hard to listen all the time. This is because Libra might go on and on about one thing oblivious of the boredom they are subjecting their mate to.

In this Taurus and Libra love compatibility, the Taurean should try and listen to everything because questions will be asked at the end of the sermon. Libra should reduce on the talking to at least accommodate the bull. This relationship will be fine as long as Taurus knows when to listen and Libra understands when to shut up.

The Taurus Libra compatibility predictions also show that the Taurus runs away from confrontation. They are not much of a debater and will end a discussion at the slightest sign of argument. They also think that the Libra is a push over and will do as they are told. Do not be fooled by the cute face, Taurus, you are getting played.

Libra men and women tread very carefully slowly, learning the Taureanways and understanding his/her weaknesses. Libra will charm his/her way to a date or a trip to Paris. And the bull is then left wondering how all this happened.

Taurus is a symbol of Earth and Libra is a symbol of Air. Taurus trusts his/her instincts during decision making while Libra relies on the knowledge that he/she has accumulated over the years. They come off as a social person and may even become so social that Taurus perceives it as being a flirt. This may cause resentment.

Here Libra is advised to slow down on his/her charm to avoid pushing Taurus buttons. The clingy nature of the bull is not very interesting to the Libran and it puts them off. Thus a Taurus dating a Libra has to suppress his/her needy tendencies to ensure that the relationship lasts long. Both are advised to understand each other and tolerate each other during unfortunate situations if this Taurus and Libra love compatibility is to survive a breakup.

Taurus And Libra Compatibility – Conclusion

Libra is social, variable and comes up with interesting ideas. They need to understand their lover’s decisive nature and learn to talk to them so that they can understand the benefits of being flexible once in a while. They will go out with friends all day and others all night. They will come home and stay on the phone for a long time.

Taurus is very assertive, antisocial and helps see their partner’s ideas through to the end. They are very stubborn and will not change their mind once they have made a decision. They should not condemn their mate for being a random person but rather advice them on the need for stability and assertiveness. They find it awkward that their lover is out the whole night and may even feel resentment towards them for being this type of a person.

This is so annoying to the Taurus who wants attention from his/her lover who has not been around all day. The Libra personality should try and slow down on all the night outs for the sake of their partner. It is wise to bring the party to the house when need be.

In the Taurus and Libra compatibility, these two can learn a lot from each other over time. Libran’s gentle nature will sometimes overwhelm Taurus and he will definitely change his mind on things. Be ready to learn new things and meet new people. Give the relationship the time and effort it deserves.

The Taurus Libra couple need to be very patient. Do not rush your way into your partner’ s life. Appreciate all the little gestures of love and your relationship will take a turn and you will never want to look back. Taurus Libra compatibility is a good match because Libra is willing to be patient and learn, so Taurus so has to charm him/her. No arguments here.

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