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Taurus Gemini Love Compatibility

Taurus Gemini Love Compatibility

How good or bad is the love compatibility between a Taurus and Gemini emotionally, mentally, and sexually? Read on…

Taurus and Gemini love compatibility is a fine match when they get to know each other. This is a very difficult experience at the beginning because these two zodiac signs are very different. They educate each other as they both harbor different opinions on issues. Gemini is the Sign of Twins thus they have two opinions about everything.


When the Taurus person becomes overprotective to one side and lets go off the other side of the Gemini individual then life will be very smooth at the end of it all. Taurus may tend to be very clingy at the early stages of dating the Gemini. This will put the Twin off. The Bull is thus advised to exercise tolerance for the success of this Taurus Gemini compatibility.

Taurus And Gemini Love Compatibility – Positive

Taurus is controlled by the Planet Venus which signifies affection and Gemini is controlled by the Planet Mercury which signifies communication. Both are near the sun thus they are always in the same place despite their distinctions. Venus loves somatic delight, affection, and love.


Mercury on the other hand has a lot of vigor thus Gemini will take advantage of the necessary energy at a given time. Taurus wants to be loved and taken care of thus they are emotionally needy. Gemini will learn how to love eventually and this will turn into a happy Taurus Gemini relationship.

Taurus and Gemini in bed have an exciting sex life. In the beginning, they are conservative and will only ‘dine’ in bed. After some time they are used to each other and want to explore. This means they are sexually active both in and out of the bedroom. Taurus sexually brings love and affection while Gemini sexually comes with vigor and energy. This makes their lovemaking an amazing experience and they have sex more often than not.



Taurus and Gemini soul mates both love going to big events. Here the Taurean will want to be very close to Gemini. They will hold hands to show everyone their romantic connection. This means infidelity is rare as both value their relationship and will do everything to make it grow. The potential of the Taurus Gemini love compatibility is unlimited and they will go to great lengths to maintain harmony between them.

Taurus and Gemini compatibility is known to be very successful for business ventures. They are very committed to being rich and financial sharks. The partners want to maintain their Ferrari and continue visiting the gallery for the best paintings. They will forget their lives to focus on a project which will put them in the corner office. This Taurus-Gemini couple will rise up the corporate ladder faster than most star signs in the Zodiac.

The good news is that Gemini is good at adapting. Give Gemini a phone a computer and cable and he/she will become a caveman as ironic as that sounds.


Taurus And Gemini Compatibility – Negative

In the Taurus and Gemini compatibility, the Taurean’s calm way of doing things is opposite to the cognitive approach of the Gemini. This makes them come off as boring and inactive while the Twin seems impulsive and less serious. This means that the two can pick at each other and change their attitudes towards issues. Taurus will show Gemini the importance of taking things seriously and Taurus will have to learn to be more spontaneous to enjoy life.

Taurus represents Earth while Gemini is symbolic of Air. Gemini man or woman will make decisions based on his/her instincts. They may not see the need to follow through with something if it gets too hard to achieve. While the Taurus man or woman will look at an issue deeply to know exactly how it will help him/her achieve what they intend to achieve in life.

The big problem for this Taurus and Gemini love compatibility is the overprotective nature of the Bull. This will be a big issue for Gemini. This is because they take time to bond and get attached to their lover. Here the two star signs are advised to understand and be patient with each other if they want the Taurus Gemini friendship to succeed.


Taurus is a firm sign while Gemini is a changeable sign. Taurus will stick to one plan until it is over and done. Gemini on the other hand may begin many things and does not finish any. Thus Gemini is a Jack of all trades but a master of none. They teach the Taurean to follow impulses when need be. Taurus has to let Gemini enjoy his/her space so that they do not fight all the time and break up.

Taurus wants everything to be a secret. They should at least reduce the secrecy and be a little open. They are not very pleased with their lover’s behavior of talking to people about their personal life. This may not be so for Gemini who has all the friends in the world and they will talk about all kinds of stuff. They should try and keep some things to his/her self.

Home shopping is a milestone for the Taurus Gemini marriage. Taurus wants to live in the country away from all human life. Gemini likes the city where all the action happens. He/she wants to get all the action as it happens and if possible witness it.


The Taurus Gemini zodiac match has very different tastes when it comes to settling down. They take too long to agree. The Taurus Gemini love compatibility might not work out as they are busy in their career. The bond between them might just disappear and the bridge may burn then they cannot connect anymore.

Taurus and Gemini compatibility define business very differently same as politics and lifestyle. Taurus is the rigid type who believes that workers should be in uniform or worst case scenario official attire. Gemini wants workers to be free to put on anything whether casual or a little expressive. This may create a problem especially when the two are co-owners.

Workers will not find the Taurus very lovely. The Taurus Gemini compatibility should refrain from owning businesses together. It may not be a good idea for a conservative person to try and fit in the shoes of a liberal person. It will fail miserably. There may be a little problem here.

Taurus Gemini Compatibility – Conclusion

So are you in this mix? Do take it slow as this kind of Taurus Gemini relationship might be bumpy at first. You should be patient and give your all to this union. This kind of partnership will call for a great effort from both sides for it to prosper.

Accept dates when they are offered and do not go playing hard to get or you will not be got at all. Address your issues in a friendly way once a disagreement ensues. Learn from your partner and embrace his/her ways.

This Taurus and Gemini compatibility will thrive in the presence of love and understanding. Compromise cannot be over-emphasized. Be there for your lover and show genuine concern for him/her. Other than that you are good to go!

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