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Taurus Leo Love Compatibility

Taurus Leo Love Compatibility

How good or bad is the love compatibility between a Taurus and Leo emotionally, mentally, and sexually? Read on…

Taurus and Leo love compatibility is amazing together. They are what people call a power couple. They share a common characteristic of wanting their egos stroked. This need gives them the ability to appreciate and satisfy each other. I mean, it’s way easier to satisfy a need that one is familiar with and knows the gratification that comes as a result.


Taurus craves for affection. He/she needs to be loved and desired. He/she can’t help it. The need to be showered with unconditional love and fondness. Leo on the other hand is a compliment to Junkee. He/she wants to be praised always. Admiration is what Leo seeks, he/she wants every triumph noticed and every effort appreciated. These needs are easily satisfied by the Taurus. This Taurus Leo relationship is the best there can be.

Taurus And Leo Love Compatibility – Positive

Taurus Sign is strong a quality highly appreciated by Leo. The Leo Sign is characterized by unending playfulness. This character brings a lot of fondness necessary for the good of the relationship. Leo will occasionally take shelter in the Taurean’s arms especially when times are thick. Taurus enjoys being in the comfort of his/her counterpart. A balance is therefore struck between these two making the the Taurus Leo compatibility stronger.


Taurus is controlled by the planet Venus while Leo is controlled by the Sun. Venus dictates beauty, love, and perfection. Taurus thrives in elegance and nice things A Taurus person frequently uses the words “no blemish”. Yes they mean it, they love money and everything that is associated with it.


Leo is interested in shining and bringing home this undeniable energy. He/she is a diamond who is a joy in the relationship. When the going seems dull, Leo comes in and makes it interesting and fun. Taurus admires this power to change things and keeps recognizing it especially when talking to their peers. Love is given abundantly by Taurus and Leo is the life in the union. Masculinity plus femininity… Bingo!


Intimacy is the key to a Taurus and Leo love compatibility. They both like to be loved. Yes everywhere from the car park to the bedroom. Such a couple will have amazing sex. They could do it for hours. They like to be together. The couple could go to a party and disappear from the scene to go do a little mischief if you know what I mean.

People envy the Taurus Leo sexual compatibility and what they can do especially after getting fond of each other. In case of problems, this couple is advised to solve issues in bed or the kitchen. Sex is perfect, especially after an argument. Be happy when you argue anticipating the inevitable that happens after. These are the kind of people who are caught pants down literally.

Taurus Leo Compatibility – Negative

Taurus signifies Earth while Leo signifies Fire. They both wish to accomplish what they dream of. Their wants have a significant difference. Taurus wants to be secure in terms of finances, love life, and social security. This is not so with Leo who wants worldwide recognition, unending attention, and all the money in the world. The topic of fortune seems to excite Leo as opposed to Taurus who would do just fine with enough as long as the love and security are present. Stability is the most important thing to Taurus while fame is of high value according to Leo.


Dominating is a characteristic that Taurus and Leo soul mates have in equal measure. This is a very big issue in the Taurus Leo love compatibility. Both want to rule, they want to be right all the time. Fighting(not necessarily physical) is very common between these two zodiac signs. They will have very big arguments even about the slightest things. They could pick up a fight about the theme of their new house, the ore of their wedding ring, or even whether to put caramel on the popcorn when at the movies.

This argument could be detrimental to the Taurus Leo marriage if not handled with wisdom. These two are hence advised to have a counselor who could be family or friends. It is also advisable for them to have a marriage consultant for personal issues. Taurus and Leo are supposed to always consult each other before doing the smallest things even when getting birthday gifts. Make it a surprise but don’t let it be too surprising.


Resisting change is the biggest challenge that the Taurus and Leo in love face. They like things done a certain way and when it works they do not see the need to change it. Even when a better idea comes up, they do not want to pick it up. They could grind their butter even when there is crashed butter in the store right at their doorstep.

This is not so good when it comes to business, especially companies. They may reject good deals and block their luck. The good thing with this is that they do not find themselves in bad investments. They are rarely victims of fraud and they save a lot from keeping it the good old way.

Taurus is very dominant and likes to be indoors a lot, unlike Leo who wants to attend all parties from the beach to the wedding after party. This is an issue because Leo comes off as a restless person who needs people’s company. Taurus becomes indifferent concerning the people-pleasing attitude of Leo.

Here there arises a difficulty as Leo fails to understand Taurus who wants to stay home watching movies or have a drink or two in the house. Leo can not stomach Taurus uptight nature and forms a kind of resentment towards him/her.


The solution here to avoid the Taurus and Leo breakup is to compromise. The Lion should not go out all the time. He/she should stay home and cuddle up with Taurus. For things to balance, Taurus needs to accompany Leo to his/her parties once in a while, at least to make them feel appreciated. If this is followed, then they will live in a land of milk and honey.

Finance is another delicate issue in a Taurus Leo love compatibility. Taurus is reserved and does not spend more than necessary. He/she will use coupons even when the bank account is okay. Leo is spendthrift. He/she will spend too much in a night. It is all about drinks and turning up. Yes! people love Leo because he/she will take care of the bills.

Taurus can not stomach Leo’s disregard for money. This way Leo can spend a lot in a very short time. Taurus feels that Leo is playing with his/her security. Tossing the credit card in unnecessary expenditure. The worst comes when these two have to share an account. Leo spends the most in the family kitty. This becomes a reason for argument. It could lead to the end of the relationship.

To cure this anomaly, Leo has to go slow on the Visa card. Try to spend less and buy people fewer bottles. Instead of turning up in Vegas do it in Queens (for the Americans). Taurus should avoid complaining over the tiniest spending. This will save the Taurus and Leo love compatibility.

Taurus And Leo Compatibility – Conclusion

In the Taurus and Leo friendship, both are assertive as they are Fixed signs. Once they make a decision they do not go back. The negative issue about this quality is that they cannot negotiate on a problem if one of them has already made the call. This becomes a difficulty when dealing with financial cases. It is often hard for them to decide which house to buy, whether to invest or save, and other important life decisions.

This however has a silver lining, when the Taurus Leo is in love, then it is forever. When they choose their partner its for life. Divorce is very rare for this kind of relationship. To counter this characteristic, both should make decisions together. If they seem to disagree they should go in flashback and remember that they love each other and all they want is the best for their partner. It’s never that serious. Just feel like you are winning even when you lose.

To the victims of this Taurus Leo love compatibility, here are some tips. You may not get along at first. You have little to nothing in common. Your opinions seem to differ. Give it time and you will realize you have a lot in common. Compromise when necessity dictates it. Give a compliment when one is deserving. Love and cherish your partner. Let life take its course.

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