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Taurus Cancer Love Compatibility

Taurus Cancer Love Compatibility

How good or bad is the love compatibility between a Taurus and Cancer emotionally, mentally and sexually? Read on…

In the Taurus and Cancer compatibility both are two spots away from each other in the Zodiac. This closeness brings with it sincere care and understanding. The Taurus Cancer is a smooth less complicated partnership. These two are the same in very many ways. They protect each other and are very pampering towards each other. They want nothing but the best for their partners.


The Taurus dating a Cancer is attracted by their simplicity and the intellect from the Taurean is breathtaking for the Crab. They both get hooked and cannot leave. A lot of gifts and flowers will be given and received between the love birds as their attraction for each other strengthens. This is the kind of Taurus Cancer compatibility where love takes lead and the rest follows.

Dating will take time for a Taurus Cancer relationship. The Bull takes forever to ask Cancer out on a date. He/she is busy googling and analyzing him/her to make sure the shoe fits. The Cancerian on the other hand will not ask the Taurus on a date due to the slightest possibility of being turned down. Once the dating life begins then everything else is fast and sassy for this Taurus and Cancer soul mates.


Taurus And Cancer Love Compatibility – Positive

Taurus and Cancer friendship is joyful due to the protection and pampering which happens more often than not. They have good houses, exotic paintings, amazing furniture and luxurious cars. Their lives are very tame as they like to live a nice peaceful life.


The Taurus Cancer love compatibility grows strong everyday. They will bring up a very close family where members genuinely love and care for each other. Many couples will envy there family set up. The family is very tight and they give more priority to family matters than other matters.

This Taurus and Cancer marriage has one problem. When the Taurus comes up with ideas which Cancer does not like, they will often have a very bad mood. For this reason, Taurus is advised to tolerate the Cancerian’s needy nature. Cancer on the other hand is supposed to be direct and talk out his/her issues so as to find solution. Cancer should also refrain from manipulative behavior to keep the relationship perfect.

Taurus and Cancer love compatibility is the most compatible of the Zodiac. They both want a home. A home which has a family and loving friends. They want to settle and be where they should be for the rest of their lives. These two get married soon after they meet. People may say that its too fast but who is listening. The surprising part is that they stay together through thick and thin. They just love each other like that.

Taurus and Cancer in love can also be co-owners, This two work together perfectly. They will go hand in hand and make the business a success. They are both conservative so there will be no dispute in the politics just agreement. Cancer is submissive to Taurus and this works well in case of difference in opinion. The employees will find their bosses good or bad a like.


Cancer is pulled towards Taurus due to the open and truthful communication that he/she shows. Just as the moon controls the earth silently so does Cancer manipulate his way through issues of the relationship. Cancer comes off as affectionate. Both of them love to spend time together instead of mingling with people.

Cancer is cardinal in terms of signs while Taurus is Fixed. Taurus is very assertive and will not change his/her mind on anything he/she decides. When Cancer comes up with ideas, Taurus sees them through to the end thus this two complement each other. This concept makes this two have a long lasting relationship. Taurus is always all in when he decides that Cancer is the one. Cancer then sees him/her as the rock in the relationship. Cancer finds a place to hide during bad times, and this place is Taurus.

Lovemaking between the Taurus and Cancer in bed will be as much fun and passionate as you could imagine. All you need to do is learn new methods to make it interesting.

Taurus Cancer Compatibility – Negative

Taurus is controlled by the Planet Venus which stands for love and affection and Cancer is controlled by the moon which is emotion and feelings. Both are filled with feminine vigor. Cancer is less direct and will keep opinions and bad feelings to his/herself. This does blow over time to time and that is when things get ugly in the Taurus and Cancer compatibility.

Taurus signifies Earth and Cancer signifies Water. It obvious that water takes care of the earth thus it is expected that Taurus nurtures Cancer. The main job for Taurus is to help Cancer through his/her emotional issues as she/he is prone to emotional breakdowns. The problem comes when Taurus has had enough of all the emotional drama from the Crab. He/she will pull away and not be as supportive and this may end the relationship. The couple is advised to understand one another and not to overwhelm each other.

Taurus is very stubborn. This is very bad for the Taurus Cancer love compatibility. Cancer may pose a suggestion and Taurus will put him/her down with less thought. This is does not go well with Cancer who dreads dismissal. Taurus should learn to be more flexible and willing to change a formally created opinion on a certain issue. Cancer needs to understand Taurus nature and embrace it to save the relationship.

Taurus And Cancer Compatibility – Conclusion

A Taurus Cancer relationship is bound to be successful. These two do the best they can. They are the best at what they do and they will not get their eyes off the corner office. They love their life of high level respect and admiration from people and they will do all it takes to maintain it. Taurus is the spend thrift person in this relationship. He/she will get a sports car just to fulfill a childhood fantasy.

Cancer will use all left over shampoo just to avoid wastage. This can be a sign of alarm. Cancer may form a certain kind of resentment towards Taurus for spending money that has been hard earned so recklessly. If Taurus slows down on the spending and Cancer lets loose a little, then this will be solved.

Have you found the one? You will enjoy this Taurus Cancer compatibility. Be very patient on the fast days. Do not maneuver your way into your partners’ life. Wait for them to invite you in when they are ready for you. Let the relationship flow without causing unnecessary chaos or tags of war.

The Taurus and Cancer love compatibility will be on for a long time as long as both stars keep it real and lovely. Domestic homes will be your nest and your house will be your refuge. Unconditional love is the way to go.

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