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Capricorn Sexuality Personality Traits

Capricorn Sexuality Personality Traits

When a plan comes together, it is normally because a Capricorn is behind it. The Goat loves structure, and that can sometimes get in the way of sexual adventure. But if there is a way to plan spontaneity, the Capricorn will find it, and make all involved have a very good time.

Capricorn sexuality is an interesting mix of organization and chaos. The Goat likes to form a plan, enjoys structure, but at the same time enjoys a dash of creativity. Think of it like engineering the perfect plan for scoring a touchdown. The Capricorn knows the first step is getting possession of the ball. And the last step is crossing the goal line.

The Goat has an idea on how to bridge the distance, but is also open to trying some unorthodox moves to do it. That is one way to look at having a relationship with a Capricorn man or woman.

The goal in making love for a Capricorn is climaxing together, and once again, having a plan is important. The Goat will follow certain steps, fashioned by experience, when it comes to kissing and foreplay. Despite relying on a plan, Capricorns are not always serious in the bedroom.

Capricorn men like laughter mixed in with their lovemaking, which lightens the mood and eases any tension or nervousness. Capricorns are very in touch with their sexuality, and have no problem asking for what they want. The Goat can also be aggressive, which can start as playful pinching and develop quickly into love bites and pillow fights.

Stress is a constant companion for Capricorns, thanks to the jobs they normally gravitate towards. So when it comes to Capricorn sexuality, they prefer less pressure. They can not handle someone who does not live up to their responsibilities. The Goat can’t stand someone who constantly teases and never follows through.

The bedroom is expected to be a stress-free zone, where there is one goal in mind – mutual pleasure. The Capricorn’s love of structure also makes him or her ideal for taking on a dominate role while making love.

If you voice a desire, like adding a little chocolate sauce to your next lovemaking session, be prepared to go through with it.

The Goat will not only have some on hand, but there may be more than one brand. The Capricorn may have even tested out different ways to apply the sauce, and determined which one works best.

As creatures of habit, the Capricorn’s sexuality can sometimes suffer. If something has worked for The Goat in the past, there is a good chance he or she will do it again, and again, and again.

To get him or her out of that particular rut will take time and understanding. A gentle nudge in a new direction, followed by a vocal signal about how much you like the new move, will go a long way.

Other habits may be harder to deprogram. Capricorn woman are not morning people, so starting the day off by releasing some sexual energy will be difficult to do.

They also don’t normally make a lot of noise in bed. The plus side of that is if your Capricorn lover does give voice to his or her pleasure during sex, you know you’ve done something very right.

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  1. Actually, I am very vocal when the loving is good in the bedroom. I am very quiet when it’s not good and will actually tell the person to get up off of me and put my clothes on and go home

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