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Top 10 Tips To Cope With Mood Swings – Part I

Why Do People Experience Mood Swings?

Many people experience mood swings in all areas of society, at all ages, in many forms. Some people have them as part of their personality, some as part of more serious diseases such as depression, bipolar disorder (I & II) or other mental diseases.

Alternatively it might be due to a cold or ill health, stress, changes in life, pregnancy, relationship break up, periods for women, parenthood for females and males.

Whatever the case moods can cause you to sway from being in an up mood to a down mood. Quite frankly too nobody wants to be moody or be around someone else that is moody.

Before going further is necessary to clarify that moods in themselves are not unhealthy. They tell us the state of our mind, our level of consciousness even. It is when our moods do not match the situation or suddenly drop and we feel flat or down, sometimes for no exact reason, its just an overall set of feelings. This is when it is helpful to be able to cope with managing our finer mood swings.

So how can we cope with our mood swings not forgetting that some disease states will require specific medication to manage moods overall? Here are 10 proven natural remedies to get you out of that funk or bad mood and back into a bit more of an up mood!


Top 10 Tips To Cope With Mood Swings

#1. Music Therapy

Listen to the music that matches your mood now in the peace and quiet of your own place. Then gradually instinctively play music leading you towards where you want your mood to be. For example you might be feeling sad you have just lost a dear friend or broken up with a partner.

This may mean you are initially sad, nostalgic, depressed even. You would put on some “sad”, let it all out emotional music and perhaps even let yourself have a good cry. Gradually the acceptance of how you feel will most likely help your mind and body to feel a bit better. You have not denied the feelings you have felt and let them out.

It is the holding of feelings that scientists now believe causes things such as severe depression, heart disease and cancer. Gradually you may find the music too down or sad, so you pick up the music tempo a beat.

Gradually you hopefully move into more cheerful music. If you don’t then that is okay too to just let it all out, all that bottled emotions. Often our favourite songs or songs attached to memories cause us to release emotions.


#2. DVDs

Just immerse yourself in whatever comes first to mind. If you feel like watching old Hollywood classics do so. If you are more in the mood for some car chases and shoot em up well this may be good if you are trying to let out frustration. Either way it is mostly healthy escapism unless of course you watch DVD’s all day every day then that becomes a concern of course!

While you are watching the movies have a healthy snack like popcorn. Perhaps keep a stash in for times like this. There is nothing like watching your favourite movies afresh with a bowl of popcorn in your lap, snuggled up on a couch. Ideally it with someone else but as we all know life does not always turn out that way or may not be like that temporarily. Accept it, don’t fight it!

It is worth noting that both methods 1 and 2 effectively initially embrace the “mood”, accepting it for what it is. They then move to take you to a more desired mood state gradually rather than the more sudden exercise methods. Also sometimes weather or lack of access to a car or public transport may mean you are stuck inside to manage that mood. This whole concept of accepting a feeling or situation briefly, then deciding how to react is called ACT or Acceptance Cognitive Therapy.

#3. Go For A Walk

Even if it is around the block, this is the best natural home remedy for moodiness. Walking is best because it requires minimal effort and offers least resistance. You do not have to jump in the car and get caught in traffic. You do not have to go to a gym or a pool and get changed. You just step outside that door and breathe the fresh air and you change your perspective from inside to looking externally and outside, even if only for 30 minutes. Jog if you feel this will energize you and get the endorphins back in your body.

Music Therapy Reading

Search By Raga Search by Ailment

By the way in readiness for next bout of moodiness get playlists put together on your iTunes for different moods. I have found this method invaluable. I have playlists for mellow, romantic, get up and go (for when I have “messy” moods and cannot get motivated), uptempo for when I am not down but want some positive, light music.

DISCO (1970’s disco classics, Bee Gees, Chic, say no more!), electronic dark (if down and wanting internal,heavy thinking music), hopeful for when life is tough but I am determined to not give in. Finally I have mixes that are great for gym, my walks I try and do several times a week. I play them in the car in the same way too. Its about matching your music to match your mood then moving it along.


Software such as Spotify and certain apps like now let you put together your own radio stations and apps such as Moodagent  also stream music to you based on what type of mood you are in after you click a mood! Clever and fun and that alone could lift you out of your mood as you find new artists and songs for free!

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