Thursday, July 29, 2021

Celebrity Astrology – Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw

Celebrity Couple Profile – Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw

A wonderful couple, astrologically! An important starting point for any two people is that their Sun Signs are emotionally compatible – the Emotional Elements of Fire and Water. Steven is a Sagittarius (Fire), and Kate is a Scorpio (Water). These Elements are comfortable with emotion and the sharing of feelings. And in their case, emotional connection is even more important because their Sun Signs are in the Western Hemisphere – the six Signs that are particularly needy of other people, and more dependent on their input and feedback.

Fortunately, Steven has two major planets (Venus in Capricorn and Moon in Aquarius) in the Eastern Hemisphere (the six Signs that are more independent than the Western Signs). This is especially important for a man since they do not do as well as a woman with having too much emphasis in the Western Hemisphere.

Men want and need to feel independent to the point where too much neediness makes them feel insecure. Kate has all of her planets in the Western Signs. This Hemisphere imbalance can be very problematic in that it tends to cause a person to be too clingy in a relationship. Hopefully, she had a positive enough childhood, and other life experiences that make her more emotionally balanced than most women with this combination of neediness and supersensitivity would be.

With the two emotional planets of Venus and Moon conjunct (in Libra), Kate is exceptionally devoted to Steven. And with her Mars conjunct Venus (in Libra), she has an enormous need to act out her love, and ever on the lookout for things to do for those she cares about. Incidentally, there can be a downside to having her Venus in this Martian Air Element in that it makes one inclined to be judgmental and seek perfection in all things, particularly in love relationships.

Kate also is too perfectionistic and too quick to judge herself – and Mars in Libra is also a very judgmental position for Mars. Her Element Type of Water/Air (Sun in Water – Moon in Air) produces an ultra-sensitive person. Another thing they share in common as Steven also has an Air Moon (his in Aquarius). An Air Moon Causes a person to be easily crushed by a harsh attitude or rudeness. This shared Moon sensitivity will allow them to understand each other’s need for a kind and civilized interaction.

They are both Sagittarius when it comes to the way they think and how they connect mentally. They both have Mercury in Sagittarius. What a positive for them both to have this important planet, dealing with how one thinks and communicates, in the same sign. There is a real meeting of the minds here with Steven being a Sagittarius.

Kate’s Mercury interacting with his Sun Sign, is also very advantageous. Thinking like a Sagittarius not only helps to offset the seriousness of her Scorpio Sun, but also allows her to share Steven’s fun-loving, enthusiastic, and positive Sagittarius take on life. What fun these two must-have!

How lucky Kate is to be with a man who is the ultimate romantic. Steven’s Type of Fire/Air (Fire Sun with his Moon in the Air Sign of Aquarius) is the most romantic (and truth-oriented) of the ten Element Types. Sagittarius is already the “seeker of the truth”, and with his Mercury in Sagittarius as well, and his Moon in the honest Martian Element of Air, we have a person who is virtually driven to be confrontive and share his true feelings.

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