Celebrity Astrology – Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton

Celebrity Couple Profile – Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton are a couple of “relationship junkies”! Gobs of Fire and Air in their charts – the Martian Elements that are very relationship and romantic minded! Romantic they are, but unfortunately not emotionally compatible, and I’m sorry to say that they don’t have much of an astrological prayer! Never mind even their difference in age or any other differences we might observe. Their chart differences are the issue here.

A most interesting couple in that they are both the same Air/Fire Element Type (Sun and Moon both in the Martian Elements of Air and Fire). This is the most impulsive and impatient of the ten Element Types. It s no wonder that they were so taken with each other and so quick to act on their feelings when they jumped into getting married.

Unfortunately, though their charts both combine Air and Fire on their Suns and Moons, they have a reverse combination of these Elements. His Sun is Fire, and Moon is Air, while her Sun is Air, and her Moon Fire. This means that their Suns clash emotionally. The clash of the Suns is a major problem for most couples.

He is a Feeler (with his Fire Sun in Leo), being comfortable with, and seeking emotion, and she is a Thinker (with her Air Sun in Gemini), who is not as comfortable with feelings and wanting to avoid too much emotion.

If the above is not problematic enough, Billy Bobs’ chart is very imbalanced. To say that his extraordinarily strong influence in the Martian Elements of Fire and Air makes him a Super Martian is a real understatement. He has SIX planets in Leo – Whoa! And, these planets include Mars and Venus. Any person with Sun and Mars in the same Sign is extremely emotionally intense, very self-confident, and commands respect.

Men especially tend to suffer from a real spoiled child mentality with this Sun/Mars conjunction – and even more so when we find it in Fire (or Air). And with this conjunction being in Leo, the most prideful of all the Signs, as well as the one most in need of respect, this man expects people to cater to him.

Then when we add Venus in Fire, we have a man who is supremely idealistic, perfectionistic, impatient, judgmental, and ever finding fault with anything a mate does that goes meet his needs. In case this isn’t all disastrous enough, his Martian Air Moon in Aquarius makes him ultra-sensitive and touchy and that much more impatient. Wants it done right, and right now!! And to complete the picture, ALL these planets, along with Mercury, Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn are in FIXED Signs. I dare say he is just a tad set in his ways! Now when we add this movie star thing to the mix – well, it is not a pretty picture

How is she putting up with all this? Well, we have to assume that he is still in full-blown courtship mode, so stand by! Two chart factors come to mind that might contribute to her not having tuned into dealing with, or even fully realizing what he is all about. One would be her Venusian

Water Venus in Cancer is a more non-confronting and forgiving placement for Venus. And then with her Sun and Mercury in Gemini, she might be very busy going in all directions at once and somewhat scatterbrained. But rest assured that when she does tune in, with her Moon and Mars both in the Fire Sign of Aries (her Moon/Mars conjunct is almost as powerful as his Sun/Mars conjunction), she will unleash her very high Martian influence in a way that could make for a real War of The Roses!

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