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Saturn In Scorpio Meaning: Be Positive About Everything in Life

Saturn In Scorpio Meaning

The Saturn in Scorpio people feel very strongly about everything they take up in life.

Element And Quality: Water & Fixed

Celebrities With Saturn In Scorpio: Bill Gates, Mel Gibson, Nicolas Sarkozy, John Travolta, Mark Zuckerberg

Positive Keywords for Saturn in Scorpio: Intense, Committed, Resourceful, Ambitious, Passionate, Confident

Negative Keywords for Saturn in Scorpio: Secretive, Cunning, Ruthless, Manipulative, Inadequate, Jealous


The Saturn In Scorpio: Personality


In astrology, Scorpio is known for being deep and mysterious. Saturn in Scorpio is one of the most powerful of zodiac signs. Their passion rules their life, but they hold it down below the surface so no one else can see it. This allows them to be cunning and ruthless.



Saturn acts like a father figure, placing limitations on our decisions and making us realize the consequences of our actions. This makes Saturn in Scorpio even more secretive than usual. They keep everything close to the vest, to begin with. While they can read others like a book, they reveal very little about themselves, if anything.

The Saturn In Scorpio

Positive Traits of the Saturn in Scorpio

The only way for Saturn in Scorpio to rectify these secretive tendencies is to allow others to see more of their personality and share their ideas and aspirations. That’s the best way to get people on your side.


Getting things off their chest helps the Scorpio Saturn person immensely. And with that relief comes more self-confidence and a calm mind. They are used to plotting and scheming ways to get ahead. But, they need to learn that there are other ways to obtain what they want.


Because they are such hard workers, they need to focus their attention on positive reinforcement and supportive measures. Letting their guard down doesn’t make them weak. On the contrary, it can be the one thing they need to do to get others on board with their creative endeavors.

Negative Traits of the Saturn in Scorpio

They believe being secretive is the best way to get ahead in their career and life in general. If people don’t know that much about them, they can’t use anything personal against them. This is extremely important to them because they get hurt very easily, and it’s next to impossible for them to forgive such an offense. On the other side, they will do whatever it takes to win. This sometimes means completing shady deals to get what they want. They can manipulate any situation to their advantage.

But this is only because Saturn in Scorpio always has doubts about whether or not they can pull something off by the time they need it done. This kind of insecurity leaves them feeling inadequate and afraid to take bigger risks.

As a water sign in astrology, they are quite Scorpio emotional, but they don’t show it to others. This means they don’t deal with their emotions, leaving themselves vulnerable to anxiety or depression. They can’t help but go into everything and feel everything as deeply as possible. And, sometimes, they can’t handle that much intensity all at once.

Understanding the Effects of Saturn on Scorpio

It encourages you to explore the deeper parts of your life. Do not shy away from knowing more about yourself and the kind of person you are. Focus on building yourself to become better and achieve great heights with the talents, gifts, and skills you possess.

The universe wants you to embrace change. Saturn in Scorpio meaning reveals that to advance in life, you need to make some changes in some aspects of your life. Settle for great things that will enable you to form great relationships with people and maintain lasting networks.

What is the importance of Saturn in Scorpio? With this placement, you will come to your senses and start living your life with intention. Make good use of the opportunities that are present in your life and challenge yourself every single day.

Saturn in Scorpio Career

Wealth will take some time to manifest in your life, having that you are still new on your career path. Planet Saturn will influence your life in such a manner that you will maintain the willingness to keep working hard to achieve greatness.

Challenge yourself and always be willing to learn new skills from your co-workers. Saturn in Scorpio man and woman do not give up easily because they have all it takes to change their lives for the better. Always listen to people who have achieved success in life and learn important lessons that you can apply in your life.

Saturn in Scorpio and Love

Your relationships are hard to maintain since you prefer spending time on your own. Allow yourself to relate with people at an intimate level so that you can better understand yourself. Nurture the relationships in your life and never forget to be responsible for your loved ones.


Having a healthy dose of self-control is good. But, anything above your limits and you start to break down inside. This makes Saturn in Scorpio withdraw even more from others when they should be opening up to their closest friends and family. This also makes it difficult for them to maintain a healthy romantic relationship, as they don’t want to divulge anything about themselves. Add to that their possessive nature, and they turn jealous very quickly.

They have to learn to overcome their fear and control their passion in a way that keeps them healthy and happy. And be sure to schedule some downtime with your social circle. Rest is always recommended for Saturn in Scorpio. All they have to do is grab it.

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