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Saturn In Taurus Meaning: Being Resourceful

Saturn In Taurus Meaning

Saturn in Taurus people will look at a problem from different angles before making a final decision.

Element And Quality: Earth & Fixed

Celebrities With Saturn In Taurus: Mother Teresa, Mariah Carey, Bruce Lee, John Lennon, Vincent Van Gogh

Positive Keywords: Wise, Punctual, Resourceful, Committed, Reliable, Meticulous

Negative Keywords: Rigid, Stubborn, Slow, Lazy, Controlling


The Saturn In Taurus: Personality


Taurus prides itself on its discipline. So Saturn in Taurus is downright rigid. They require security and comfort at all times, or else they feel things in their lives are chaotic. It’s difficult for them to adapt to any unexpected changes. This is why they plan out everything quite meticulously.


Being one of the more rational astrology signs of the zodiac, Taurus takes their time making decisions and taking care of responsibilities. This means Saturn in Taurus is extremely cautious, sometimes to their detriment.



Saturn acts like a father figure, protecting our interests and putting limitations on the things we choose. Taurus is already careful in all of its endeavors. Saturn in Taurus is quite strict when it comes to making any decision.

The Saturn In Taurus

Positive Traits of the Saturn in Taurus

This is one of the most reliable star signs as well, making them dependable and very responsible. When you need something taken care of and done right the first time, Saturn in Taurus will ensure it is completed to the best of its ability. They are best suited for business or politics. They have a knack for management positions. Also, they have incredible stamina and can handle any project you give them.


People think they are lazy, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. The Taurus Saturn person wants to ensure they aren’t putting anyone or anything in jeopardy because of something they chose to do. And if this means missing out on the rare opportunity, then so be it.

Negative Traits of the Saturn in Taurus

Saturn in Taurus is even more stubborn than is customary for this zodiac sign. This causes others to be agitated by their slow response to everything. And once they make up their mind, it’s next to impossible to change it, no matter the circumstances. When it’s the right choice, this is not a problem. But when they are wrong, it takes a lot for them to realize it and admit it.


When involved in a project, they make sure that they have more than enough time to complete it on their terms. This can be a hindrance if it’s something that needs an immediate answer. They are incapable of doing anything quickly.

They believe nothing can be done without first examining the problem and contemplating every possible move and consequence. Only then do they feel comfortable making a choice. Some people feel frustrated by their slowness to act. And, those who don’t know them well may accuse them of being lazy.

Understanding the Effects of Saturn in Taurus

Saturn in Taurus’s personality is resourceful. They know what they want in life and use all their resources to ensure they get all they intend to have. You have all it takes to create a positive life that you will be proud of for the rest of your life.

Hold yourself in high regard because you are worth a lot of great things. Saturn in Taurus astrology brings rapid changes in your life that you need to adapt to come out as the best in all aspects of your life.

You have a humanitarian nature that pushes you to help the less fortunate in society. Natal Saturn in Taurus might at times make you rigid because some people take your generosity for granted. Helping is good, but you need to be careful with the people you are extending a helping hand to.

Saturn in Taurus Career

Saturn in Taurus wealth is directly connected to your career. Be careful of the choices you make in life because they will determine whether you make it in life or not. Be clear with your intentions and always go after your progress and growth.

To better your career, you need to make some changes. You cannot remain in the same place forever. Indulge in activities that will enable you to become and do better. This placement sends you all the help you need to advance from one stage of your career to the next.

Saturn in Taurus and Love

Saturn will bring challenges in your life that will enable you to appreciate the love you have in your life. The marriage will face challenges, but with commitment and constant communication, you and your spouse will find ways of making things right.


Because of their firm beliefs, Saturn in Taurus insists on being in control of everything in their life. When they aren’t, they will remain as patient as possible until they can retrieve it. But if things go on for too long where they aren’t in control, you will see their raging temper.

Thankfully they do not remain angry for too long. It doesn’t logically help them to regain their discipline. But it does make it difficult for them to go with the flow of life. Besides their close social circle, the only thing that brings them happiness in life is the beauty of physical objects.

As an earth sign, they appreciate elegance and great beauty and are willing to pay for things that truly speak to them. But Taurus Saturn tries to keep their finances stable to create a comfortable lifestyle and do whatever it takes to maintain it.

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