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Money Trees In Feng Shui

Feng Shui Money Plant

Normally, we observe daily that the atmosphere of every office is being seen as somewhat tense due to some workload, working environment, or work culture. To release tensions, all employees apply different ways so that they can concentrate on their work like gossiping, singing, organizing parties, etc. but normally all these methods are found almost ineffective. Also, not only the employees but the bosses try to improve their work performance and apply a lot of ways. The Feng Shui money trees are indoor trees that have a lot of qualities to increase the productivity and wealth of individuals.


Although applying these always, the employees may get some relief but there are some natural ways also, by applying which the work tension can be released to some extent. This will also help in improving the productivity of the employees. This natural way is the plantation of “Money Trees” in the office.

Feng Shui Money Trees

The money trees are indoor trees that have a lot of qualities built inside them. These plants may play a major role in increasing the productivity of the employees and the wealth of individuals. When elements in the workplace are not balanced or missing, there may be a problem with proper working or earning money.

These money trees help in supplies of these missing harmonizing elements for such places if planted. Thus prosperity, wealth, and elements harmonization come after placing these plants at these places. Since these e trees bring prosperity and help to bring or increase wea health, improve the working atmosphere, give pleasant feelings, and give good eye look i.e. decoration, their ideal place is near money safe or cash registers or at the house or office area which corresponds to it.


These trees may also be placed at those places where money and wealth are required, no matter whether it is an office or home.

These plants are called money plants because of the shape of their leaves. The leaves may be flat, heart-shaped, round, dark green, and plump which may resemble the Feng Shui coins. The growing nature of the plant indicates the money plant is a perennial climber.


Feng Shui Money Trees

Properties of Money Trees

1. Have the capability of getting negative energies to absorb and release the positive energies(Chi or Qi) which makes us tension-free.

2. Have very nice decorative properties that improve the beauty of the place where these are been planted.

3. These trees develop positive thinking and help to increase creativity.

4. The Plants can reduce the toxins by reducing and increasing theincreasingir having a lot of oxygen.

5. These trees release positive energy which is very helpful to reduce the work tension and increase productivity.

6. Everyone in the world likes greenery and this also gives us a pleasant feeling.

7. It makes us energetic by giving us positive energy which helps freshen our moods.

8. If the growth of the money plant is not normal, it can be a sign of money problems.

9. If a money plant thrives well, it brings prosperity.

Thus these plants will not only increase the beauty of the working workplace but also help to increase the productivity of the employees. The research says that the plantation in the office has different benefits for the working environment, the health of the employees, and the productivity of the employees.

Therefore, their energy is more powerful and robust for everyone whether it is home or office and so, this not only brings luck, fortune, and wealth but also activates positive energy to make us energetic.


How to Place Money Trees

Money plants are easy to grow and hardy plants. These plants need only some little care of good plantation, watering, fertilization, repotting, sunlight, soil, decoration, etc. The conditions for different plants are different and cannot be applied the same way for all plants. The plastic plants may also have opted as these will never dry and always decorate your house.

Acceptance, Beliefs, and Assumptions :

According to the belief,

– If money plants are planted by borrowing the cuttings, these lose their significance.

– Don’t give money plant or its cutting to others. It symbolizes giving money to them so you may lose money.

– If these plants are propagated using stolen branches at your home, you get more money.

– Don’t gift money plant to anyone, it simply means you are inheriting your wealth.

– Branches of money plants cut from any house, and the house owner loses his money.

Feng Shui Money Trees

Selection of the Trees

1. If you are having big stress and workload of the files then use the Nauratna tree. This will help you to concentrate at work.

2. If you have a major workload in the morning, use Chinese Bonsai; this plant gives a calm atmosphere and is better for the eyes.

3. If the shining color is your favorite, then use the Carlyon plant.

4. In the summer season – Use amethyst plant. This will help to increase your creativity.

5. In the winter season – Use a Christmas tree like an aromatic plant or damper tree. These plants release positive energy and if kept in the direction of south or west, are more beneficial.

6. For calm shade – If you want a calm shade, use light or chide plant.

Feng Shui Money Trees

Details of Some Money Trees


About an inch of water from the base of the canes and little direct sunlight. Change the water every week. Add a mild solution to the water like African Violet fertilizer. The top of the soil should be dried out between watering.


Available in a lot of shapes, sizes, and varieties. These are like shade outdoors. Replant every two years. Place it indoors at a bright spot and water regularly.


These plants are easy to care for with white blooms. Watered almost daily in the month of summer.


Likes humidity, keep well watered. Better with lots of indirect sunlight. Is grown for its green color, usually red, multicolor Succulent-type. Height may be up to 7 ft and width up to 3 ft.


Succulent type leaves, needs low water, do well in small pots, and do not need water, to bloom small flowers. More water and sunlight are harmful to the plant.

Some other money trees are Acacia, Poinsettia, Buddha greens, Furnas boost, Nauratna, Amethyst, Christmas tree, Chinese Bonsai, Carolyn, Pachira, and Furnas boost.

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