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feng shui irritating neighbors

7 Feng Shui Cures for Irritating Neighbors

How Can Feng Shui Help You Deal With Irritating Neighbors?

Having the wrong class of neighbors with you can be a significant source of discomfort. In addition, annoying neighbors can transfer negative energy to you, and in the end, they harm your success and prosperity. Troublesome neighbors come in a lot of forms. If irritating neighbors press you, you can use Feng Shui cures to transform their negative energies into positive ones.


They could be annoying neighbors that make a lot of noise, disturbing your peace. They could also be neighbours that are ill-disposed towards you; There are also numerous other ways to become a pain in the neck, depending on individual peculiarities.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui generally relates to the arrangement of the environment. All well appreciate beautiful settings. But Feng Shui is not just about arranging your domains in order. It is also concerned with placing objects in the environment to affect your energy flow positively, ensuring success and prosperity.


So, your energy flow affects how you think and act, which affects your personal and professional life. Hence, if you have a positive energy flow, you are assured of success in all areas of your life.

Feng Shui translates to wind and water. The Chinese word Feng represents wind, while Shui represents water. Wind and water are the two basic essential elements of human existence. Without wind (air), it would be impossible to live. In the absence of water, there is no life.

The combination of wind and water determines the climate, which defines our health, mood, and energetic lifestyle. Wind and water are also essential because they are the primary carriers of life force (chi), and all living elements comprise chi.


Thus, Feng Shui is concerned with the environment’s arrangement to ensure the perfect flow of your chi to ensure success and fulfillment.

But irritating neighbors can harm your peace of mind and the positive flow of your chi. With Feng Shui, you can place objects in your environment that positively affect your neighbors’ disposition toward you and take care of nuisance. The following are seven Feng Shui cures to help deal with irritating neighbors’ problems.


How Can Feng Shui Help You Live With Bad Or Negative Neighbors?

#1. Using Mirrors to Deal With Troublesome Neighbors

Mirrors are handy for reflecting a neighbor’s negative energy away from you, But this is ideal for people who live in apartments with many neighbors close by. In flats such as this, there isn’t a lot of privacy, and as a result, you have to deal with neighbors at close quarters who are likely to irritate you much more quickly. Using mirrors is beneficial for neighbors living directly opposite your apartment. Place a mirror on the door facing the troublesome neighbor to apply mirrors effectively. This way, you ensure that negative energy emanating from this troublesome neighbor is reflected away from you.

#2. Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes are also very useful for neighbors in close range. This usually applies in cases of apartment buildings. Wind chimes perform a function similar to that of the mirror. They help lift the negative energy from your neighbor away from you. However, unlike mirrors, wind chimes are to be used for neighbors that stay on your right (as you look out the door). A metal 6-rod hollow rod wind chime is recommended explicitly for this task.

#3. Making Use of Light: Feng Shui Cure For Irritating Neighbors

Making use of bright light is very useful for disturbances that occur at night. For instance, if children play basketball opposite your house at night, causing a lot of noise, you can use motion-detecting spotlights that would shine brightly at the children whenever they engage in a disturbance.

After some time, you will notice that these children won’t disturb you any longer. Also, if you have a situation where a barking dog disturbs you at night, you can shine a bright light toward the house where the disturbance is emanating from. This would help to ensure that the dog maintains a serene silence.

#4. Yin Water Method

The Yin water method effectively takes care of gossip and hostility from your neighbors towards you. This method is ideal for people who live in their own homes. Thus, countering negative energy from neighbors in opposite homes is sufficient.

To use this method, place a large water basin between your house and the troublesome neighbor’s direction. The water basin absorbs the negativity coming from your neighbor and even improves the relations between you two. To make this more effective, you can combine the use of the yin water method with the use of a mirror.

#5. Making Use of the Right

Colors: Using the right colors can transform your neighbors’ attitudes toward you. For example, white is a very yang color and can help make your neighbors’ attitude towards you friendlier and warm.

So painting your house white emits muscular heavenly yang making it difficult for you to be affected by negative energy. You can also use bright colors to lift the spirits of your neighbors. Place the objects with rainbow or bright colors where your neighbors can see them. But you can even paint your walls with these bright colors to grant your neighbors a happier disposition.

#6. Sharing Happiness

Your personal happiness also goes a long way to affect your surroundings. But if you go about your surroundings with a happy disposition, it is bound to rub off on your neighbors and make them happier and friendlier. For instance, you can do this with a broad smile when entering your house.

#7. Activate Your Helpful People Trigram

The problem of irritating neighbors can be avoided using the Helpful People Trigram. With the help of  People Trigram, one can ensure that you get the ideal kind of neighbors who would not constitute a nuisance.

The Helpful People Trigram is located in the first corner to your right when you enter your house. You can activate it by placing a live plant or metal objects in this area. When the trigram has been activated, take your time to envision your perfect neighbors.


In addition to inflicting you with physical and mental discomfort, irritating neighbors can negatively affect your energy flow and harm your chi. In the long run, applying these cures would transform the negative energy emanating from your neighbors and guarantee success in your personal and professional life.

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