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Mars In Aquarius

Mars In Aquarius: Significance and Meaning

Element And Quality: Air & Fixed

Celebrities With Mars In Aquarius: Leonardo Da Vinci, Salman Khan, Jay-Z, Justin Bieber, Jon Bon Jovi, Victor Hugo

Keywords for Mars in Aquarius: Original, Erratic, Compassionate, Unpredictable, Productive

Mars In Aquarius: Personality Profile

As an air sign, Aquarius is most interested in intellectual pursuits. So Mars in Aquarius gets their drive from their desire to learn everything they can. Their innate need to add to their wealth of knowledge is what keeps them moving forward, and allows them to maintain a unique perspective.

But this is only one aspect of their drive, for Mars in Aquarius likes to surprise people by changing things up when they get too stale. Mars is all about what makes us tick, and for Aquarius that can shift with whatever new pursuit they’re into at that moment.

Because the Aquarius Mars people are so clever, they often get their own way by arguing with their special kind of logic and reason. While they can seem detached from emotional pursuits, their headstrong approach to everything gets the results they want. It’s a subtle but persistent way to nudge things in their favor, while the other person may not even realize they are being manipulated at all.

Mars In Aquarius. Mars In Aquarius Get Their Drive From Their Innate Desire To Learn Everything They Can.

Aquarius Mars: Positive Traits

The Mars in Aquarius zodiac sign are too independent to be tied down to one way of doing things, which is why they often have a different viewpoint from other people on the same subject.

They would rather experiment in their own way to come up with an answer or a value system that works for them, not what’s conventional by society’s standards. They keep an open mind to everything and everyone, and are very accepting of others who are also different. The quirky nature of Mars in Aquarius is what keeps them moving forward, for their desire to go against the grain is strong.

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Aquarius Mars: Negative Traits

And Mars in Aquarius isn’t being vindictive either – they simply feel their way is best because of their rational perspective. This can get in the way of achieving their goals though, when their egotistical nature takes over and they stop listening to those who may have valid points of their own.

Mars in Aquarius has to be careful not to let a superiority complex come between themselves and their success. They are visionaries looking to improve humanity and the world we live in, so it’s important for them to be able to compromise from time to time.

As for the basic primal instincts of Mars in Aquarius, they treat sex as a mind game. They don’t care about the physical aspect of it as much – as with anything else they need mental stimulation to get in the mood.

And don’t bother using conventional methods, because they will get bored before you even begin. But keep them on their toes and they will come back for more.


The Mars in Aquarius never shy away from a challenge, especially if you can beat them at their own game. If you approach them in the bedroom with the same detached manner as they do, they will be putty in your hands.

But never show your cards or else they will change their tune just to be contrary. While this can be frustrating for some who need the physical intimacy, others revel in the game play.

And things are never dull with Mars in Aquarius, as they are up for trying anything. Maintaining variety in life and love is where they excel, and they are quite accepting of those looking to keep things creative and interesting. You will never find a similar outlook on life anywhere else.

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