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Mars In Virgo

Mars In Virgo: Significance and Meaning

Element And Quality: Earth & Mutable

Celebrities With Mars In Virgo: Princess Diana, Yoko Ono, Michael Caine, Johnny Depp, Clark Cable

Keywords for Mars in Virgo: Productive, Modest, Adaptable, Orderly, Competent

Mars In Virgo: Personality Profile

The word perfectionist only scratches the surface of a Virgo, but it’s the most apt description of their nature. And Mars in Virgo causes them to be nervous as they work to maintain that perfect lifestyle. If things don’t go their way, they become agitated and critical of everyone else.

Virgos are known for their attention to detail. It’s part of what drives them. And Mars is all about our constructive and destructive energies and what drives us. So for Mars in Virgos it’s all about keeping to a strict itinerary when getting things done. They have their own way of doing things, and they get very upset when anything gets in their way.

Mars In Virgo. Mars In Virgo Are Practical And Rational And Are Also A Stickler For Rules And Maintaining A Schedule.

Virgo Mars: Positive Traits

The Mars in Virgo really shine, when they have a goal or a project that needs to be done and done well. This is what keeps them moving forward in life, going from task to task and staying as busy as possible. If they don’t have something to do they feel restless and useless.

Keeping them busy gives them a sense of purpose. The Virgo Mars people have a subconscious need to be productive at all times, and require a lot of reassurance that they have done a wonderful job. It’s important that they are recognized for their hard work, so they know their efforts were not in vain. This gives them the motivation to continue working hard to maintain their high standards.

But because they are so concerned with doing a good job, they will pay attention to their partner in relationships to ensure their needs are being met. While they have tried and true methods they will stick to, they also realize their lover has wants and desires of their own. And Mars in Virgo are especially willing to learn new tricks and techniques to satisfy their lover.

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Virgo Mars: Negative Traits

While the Mars in Virgo people are practical and rational most of the time, they are also a stickler for rules and maintaining a schedule. So if that schedule gets broken up they break down themselves.  They are known to badger other people and criticize their techniques, trying to get them to follow their way instead.

Thankfully, because Virgos are so busy this kind of grumbling doesn’t last long. If you let them vent a bit they will let it go and get back on track to finish what they started.

Just make sure they don’t take on too many projects at once, or else that nervous energy starts to work against them. Sometimes they take too much pressure and threaten to knock down the world they’ve created.


Knowledge and experience are very important to the Mars in Virgo people, so they welcome new encounters to expand their skill set. They approach their relationships the same way they approach everything else in life – with focus, tenacity and hard work. Be up front and honest about what you want and they will give it to you, as long as you prove your loyalty to them.

The Virgo Mars people take their time making decisions so be prepared to wait a while before taking things to the next level. But when you do you will have a devoted partner indeed. And they will take care of all of the responsibilities if you want them to, because that’s what they do best. And with Mars in Virgo, you won’t have to ask twice, or even once!

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  1. Mars in Virgo: Larry Ellison, Sam Walton, Charles Babbage, Richard Feynman, Erno Rubik, André-Marie Ampère, Robert Downey Jr., Johny Depp, Britney Spears, Will Smith

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